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Why you should consider sleeping on a silk pillow

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We all know the commercials where a model wakes up in the morning and jumps out of bed, fresh-faced with glowing skin and perfect hair, but reality looks somewhat different. We probably all have been waking up with bed lines on our faces and a mophead. However, there is one item which can prevent all of this and more: a Silk Pillow.

The unique properties of silk will bring you major beauty benefits. After knowing them, you may be asking yourself why didn't I purchase a Silk Pillow earlier? At least I do. Here they are.

1. Anti-Ageing
Silk contains 18 essential amino acids which are known to counteract the effects of ageing. Furthermore, silk embodies natural cellular albumen that speeds up the metabolism of your skin cells meaning quicker cell turnover, this ultimately, helps to reduce signs of (early) ageing.

2. Hydration
Silk is a non-absorbent fibre in contrast to cotton. Therefore, it doesn't draw your natural moisture from your skin or hair while you are sleeping. More moisture in your skin means more hydration and eventually leads to less fine lines and wrinkles.

Another result of this non-absorbent trait of silk is that your face creams perform more effective because they will soak into your skin instead of your pillow.

3. Smooth Skin and Hair
The smooth surface of silk leads to less friction of your facial skin as well as your hair. The results are fewer wrinkles/sleep lines, reduced redness, less breakage of your hair and a decreased bed hair effect.

4. Reduces Skin Irritations
Silk is naturally hypoallergenic combined with its smooth surface it leads to fewer skin irritations even for the most sensitive skin.

So if you want to get the most out of your beauty sleep, a Silk Pillow will contribute to it. I just started sleeping on a silk pillow, so I can't share any long term results, but so far I can say my skin feels smoother and more hydrated in the morning.

Has anyone of you some long term experiences?

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