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- 6 Tips to walk in heels all day long -

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As you may have noticed by now, I love heels, the higher the better. Wearing 12 cm heels for an entire day is no problem for me. Naturally, I picked up some tricks over the years. With these tips walking in heels will be a piece of cake for everyone, I promise.


1. Pour Some Schnapps Into Your Heels
New leather heels are stiff and feel slightly too small. Wearing them for the first time can be a little bit painful. To avoid blisters or sore skin I use a trick my mum told me. I take clear Schnapps, pour a generous amount into my heels, and then I put them on immediately. The Schnapps softens the leather and by wearing the shoes right away they mould perfectly to the shape of your feet.


2. Freeze Your Heels
I know, this sounds crazy, but it works. For shoes with particular thick leather, I go one step further to stretch /soften the leather than in my 1st tip. I take a freezer bag, place it inside my heels (where I want to stretch them), fill the bag up with water, and close it. Afterwards, I place my shoes in the freezer for one night. When I take them out, they have stretched enough to wear them comfortably all day long.



3. Use Clear Gel Deodorant On Your Feet
Swipe clear gel deodorant on any part of your feet where you want to prevent blisters. The deodorant acts as a protection shield that blocks your skin from friction.



4. Tape Your Toes
Every time I know I will spend a lot of time standing in high heels without moving around much, I take some surgical tape and tape my 3rd and 4th toe together. These two toes share a nerve that causes the pain in the balls of your feet. Taping them together reduces the pain significantly.



5. Use Hairspray
To avoid an embarrassing fall because of the slippery soles of your new heels, simply spray some hairspray on the soles of your shoes and gone is the wobbly feeling while walking.
If you slip out of your heels, do the same. Spray your feet with hairspray, wait a few seconds, and then put on your heels. The tackiness of the hairspray will hold the shoes in place.


6. Cushion Pads
While the first five tips are quick and cheap fixes, you can always invest a little bit more money and buy some cushion pads as well as blister plaster to use whenever your wear heels.
Cushion pads are placed inside your shoes and have the same effect like taping your toes. Blister blaster is a great option to ease the pain of already existing blisters and to prevent new ones.

These are all my tricks to ensure a pain-free wear of my beloved high heels. Do you have any tricks? Until then...

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    Mirabell (Monday, 12 September 2016 20:31)

    The pictures on the home-side are beautiful; nice idea!!!