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Monthly RoundUp October

As always, at the end of every month, here is my Monthly RoundUp. I did some ASOS shopping in October, therefore, this one is a little fashion-heavy.


New boots

I added this new pair of boots to my collection. Also, they have a 10,5 cm heel, it feels like walking on air. Even better, I didn't have any blisters after the first use. Since such heels aren't easy to find, I am already thinking about buying the burgundy version of these boots. Also, I strongly believe, that one can never have enough shoes.



Baker Boy Hat

I can't get enough of hats. They are great for bad hair days but furthermore, add that extra something to each look. That's why I am always on the hunt for a new one. This baker boy hat is the newest addition to my collection. 


Go-to Jeans

Finding a well-fitting pair of jeans can be a challenge, on my recent ASOS shopping spree, I ordered the "Sculpt Me" jeans, it promises "to mould the body".

If this means the jeans fit like a glove, then I second the claim. The "Sculpt Me" jeans are the most comfortable jeans I have worn in a long time, come with a reasonable price tag, and in many different styles. 

Mac Fix+ Dupe

Last but not least, my one none fashion item for the month of October the Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin. The one beauty product I purchase over and over again is the Mac Fix+ Spray. I always have a backup, so I don't run dry. The only drawback is, due to my high consumption, I spend a good amount of money on this rather pricey product. That's why, I searched for a cheaper dupe and came across the Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting for the parcel, but I keep you updated if it is actually a much cheaper dupe for the Mac Fix+ spray.

For November I plan to blog posts covering some of the topics you requested. Is there anything else you like me to cover, let me know? Until then...


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