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How to properly hang  your clothes in  your  closet

Okay, I admit everyone is capable of filling up an empty closet with clothing. But believe me when I tell you, how you do it is what makes the difference. 

A well-organised closet helps to maintain the garments, to get the most out of any closet space, and it is time-saving since you can overlook everything you own. From years of organising and rearranging wardrobes, here are my tips and tricks to get the best out of yours.

1. Declutter, Declutter and Declutter

Yes, I know it is hard, but in order to get the most out of your closet, you have to get rid of all the stuff you don't wear anymore, that is out of style or simply too worn out. On the bright side, you make room for new garments. So roll up your sleeves and declutter everything you haven't worn in years ( 2 years is a good guideline), that doesn't fit, is stained, beyond fixing or you don't like anymore. Depending on the condition donate the clothes or discard them.

2. Remove All Your Wire Hangers

I know they come in handy, as you get them for free at the dry cleaning. However that's about it, these hangers do nothing for your clothes. In fact, their sharp thin edges can stretch, crease and even break the fibres of your garments, resulting in holes.


3. Get The Different Hangers For Different Garments

I use two types of hangers, skirt and shirt ones. When it comes to material, wooden hangers are very gentle to every fabric, their curved shape follows shoulders, which helps to maintain the fabric and shape of your clothing items. Slimline hangers are an inexpensive alternative for wooden hangers. 

I prefer shirt hangers with a pants bar they are a little bit wider making them suitable not only for shirts but also for blazer, coats, jackets and trousers. The latter ones can also hang on the skirt hangers.

5. Jeans

You can hang or fold your jeans it is up to your preference. I fold them to save the space on the rag for the delicate garments.


6. Belts and Scarves Have Special Requests

There are specific hangers available for those items. If you can spare a drawer or shelf, you can also roll up your belts and store them there. The same goes for your scarves.

7. Never Double Layer

Never hang one garment of another. Out of experience, I can tell you if you don't see your clothes you won't wear them. 


8. Fine Tuning

After I have folded and hung up everything, I form clothing groups such as skirts, dresses, etc.. Within these groups I start with the lightest garment and end with the darkest. Also, I put the longer ones in front of the shorter. The same applies to sleeve lengths. 


I hope this was helpful. Do you have any organising tips or any questions left? Please leave a comment below. Until then, have a good one.

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