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DIY:  How to make Christmas Decorations out of sandwich paper bags

Christmas decoration can be so beautiful but also so extremely time-consuming especially if you do it yourself. I came across an awesome Christmas decoration project which is the precise opposite -A Christmas Star made of Sandwich Paper Bags.

These Stars are great for switching up your usual Christmas decorations, and are done in no time.



- sandwich paper bags (8 for each star)

- a glue stick

- a ruler and a pencil

- paper scissors

- sellotape

- punch pliers or a puncher

- nylon tape



1. Take 8 sandwich paper bags, place them in front of you with the opening upwards.

(If your paper bags have a shorter and a longer side, let the shorter side face upwards).




2. Use your glue stick to make a downward facing capital T on one sandwich paper bag, then place another one directly on top. Repeat the process until all eight bags are glued together.

3. Take the pencil and ruler, mark the middle of the bag at the upper edge. Next mark one point on each side of the upper bag (which have to be at the same height), so that your markings form an imaginary triangle. Now cut out the outside parts of your 'triangle'

(By changing up the lower markings you can create different shapes for your stars).



4. Now fan out the paper bags, so that the outer ones meet in the middle and voilà your star is born


5. To finish you have two option:


a) You can glue the outside bags together, the same way you did before, then sellotape the upper star peak, punch a hole into the sellotape, pass the nylon band through it, and knot the ends. 

b) If you want to store the Stars for the next Christmas season, skip the glueing step as described in point a. This way you just have to remove the nylon band, cut the sellotape, and you can fold them back for storage.

And that's all! Easy isn't it? 


You can hang these Christmas Stars into your window, on a larger empty wall or even from a high ceiling. Whether you go with a single star or with multiple like I did is your choice. The Stars are also a great idea as a Christmas party gift. 


Tip: You could also spray-paint them in the colour of your choice to match the rest of your Christmas decoration.


I love to hear your feedback. Until then. Have a good one.

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    Katharina (Friday, 09 December 2016 11:38)

    Sehr tolle Idee. Am Wochenende werde ich sofort die Sterne nachmachen. Danke!