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Christmas Lookbook

Can you believe that Christmas is just one week away? So time is running out to cross off everything that is left on your checklist including your holiday wardrobe. Lacking some inspiration? Don't worry I got you covered. 


Comfy Vibes

Pants      Sweater      Clutch      Heels      Bracelet

This look is for those of you who like it comfortable but still don't want to look like coming fresh out of bed. The sweater picks up the Christmas theme in a subtle way and offers enough room to hide a foot baby. Double win! To give that outfit that certain something I combined some red glitter heels. I mean if not this time of the year, when then?


Tip: You could exchange the pants for a pair of jeans to increase the level of comfort even more.

Glam Vibes

The showstopper of this look is the metallic skirt. To leave it at that, I opt for black pieces for the rest of the look. This look is also a great option for a Christmas party.


Tip: If you like to tone down the glam factor a bit, go for a black turtleneck.


Classic Vibes

For all of you who like to keep it classy at this time of the year reach for timeless fabrics like this little black lace dress with the faux fur jacket. To further enhance the classic vibes, I dare you to go for a bold red lip like Mac's Ruby Woo (one of my all-time favourite red lipsticks). 


Tip: A leather jacket instead of the faux fur gives an edgy, modern twist to the classic black lace dress.


That's it for my Christmas Lookbook. I also put together one for New Year's Eve, so keep an eye out for this post. Until then, have a good one.

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