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DIY - Frayed Jeans Hem

- How to upgrade your old jeans -

This season it's all about the distressed jeans look with a focus on the hemline. From asymmetrical to frayed the hemline of your jeans can be everything but not straight.

This Frayed Hemline Trend is a great opportunity to pimp some of your old jeans and make them fashionable again.


Here is what you need


- a pair of jeans

- scissors (preferably textile scissors they        make cutting easier and cleaner)

- tweezers or a seam ripper

- ruler

- Tailor’s chalk or washable marker

Here is what you need to do.



1. Put on your pair of jeans, use your tailor's chalk/washable marker to mark where you   want your hemline to end. Shortly above

the ankle is a very flattering length. 



2. Take your scissors and cut off your jeans   along the marking line.



3. Now you have to decide how long your     fringes should be. Again, use your chalk/     marker to mark the point where you want    

the fringes to start. I choose ca. 10 cm. If      

you are unsure about the length, start with   shorter fringes. You can always extend         them later. 


4. Use your scissors to cut little horizontal     strips from the bottom of the hem to your     marking line, from step three. The width    

of the stripes is up to you. I went for ca. 1     cm. 

You can stop here or take your Frayed Hem one step further. Depending on the length of your stripes, the following step can be pretty time-consuming. One leg took me about 5 hours. 

5. Turn the wrong side of your jeans             outward. You can see little white threads     running horizontally throughout the fabric.     To take the Frayed Hem Look one step         further, you have to pull out these white       threads entirely as they keep the fabric         together. Use your tweezers/seam ripper to   remove the white threads from all your         horizontal stripes. 


That's it your jeans are now on trend.


Do you like the Frayed Hem Trend and which one do you prefer?

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