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- How to prevent overeating during the holiday season -

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I know I posted a LifeHack not so long ago but I wanted to share this one before the holiday season, with all its parties and good food is in full swing.

Don't we all want to get through the holiday season without putting on some extra pounds, but also don't renounce on every Christmas cookie. My next tip might help you to achieve that.


All you have to do is smell pure vanilla extract three times a day for at least 30 seconds, the more often the better. By doing so, you don't risk to overindulge in everything sweet. Even better the abstain won't feel like one.

Sounds strange to you? Hear me out. Scientists have found out that sniffing pure vanilla extract reduces the craving for chocolate, sweet foods, and beverages. They conducted a study with 200 overweight people who wore scented patches throughout the study. Those patches were worn on the skin and released either vanilla aroma or other scents. After four weeks, the vanilla group lost significantly more weight than the others with different scent patches. They lost on average of 4,5 pounds without changing their diet.


So, sniffing vanilla can keep your sweet tooth in check.

However, it is important to use pure vanilla extract or aroma oil. The synthetic version hasn't got the same effect. How you smell it is up to you, straight from the bottle or sprayed on a piece of fabric. At home, lighting a candle is a convenient solution because this way you are constantly exposed to the vanilla scent.

Pure vanilla essential oil has a thick consistency. A liquid consistency indicates that it is diluted with a solvent. Please don't use these diluted versions. They don't work to contain your cravings and can even harm your health.

So, could I convince you to become a vanilla sniffer? If you give it a try, I love to hear your experience. 

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