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- Black Lace -

Frankly, today's Currently Coveting is a result of a fruitless search.

For what? Well, for the last year or so I am on the hunt for a black lace bra, bralette or bodysuit which is suitable to peek through under my sweater, shirt or what else I am wearing on top. 


To go into details, I am looking for a bra, bralette or bodysuit with wider lace straps and maybe a racer-back. And most importantly I want underwired shaped bra cups. Oh, and of course for a reasonable price. So far, it has been impossible to get my hands on a lace piece which featured wider lace straps and underwired shaped cups.


Does anyone of you know where I can purchase such a lace piece?


To give you a visual idea of what I am searching I put together a mood board of my favourite black lace looks.

All Images: Pinterest

Please contact me if you know where I can't find such a lace bra, bralette or bodysuit

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