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#Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray

Here comes the first Steal of the Month of 2018. Many of my longtime readers probably remember that My Favourite setting spray is Urban Decay's All Nighter.

Although my devotion to the Urban Decay setting spray is an ongoing thing, I like to try out new ones because you never know what hidden gem you might uncover.


This time I picked up the Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray. It contains 100 ml for just 6,95 .

And I didn't regret it.


According to the description, the spray contains light-reflecting particles that create a natural, illuminating glow on your skin. Honestly, I haven't detected these light-reflecting particles so far, but something in this setting spray is working wonders. When I apply the setting spray over my makeup, it, of course, erases any excess powder residue (like every decent setting spray does) but much better than that transforms my makeup into a healthy dewy looking skin. Thereby, I mean this natural lit from within not that glittery, disco-ball-like glow.

I am in love with this setting spray because for the first time I don't have to add another creme or powder product to my makeup routine to achieve a dewy skin look. I just use the setting spray.


Frankly speaking, when it comes to keeping the makeup in place all day, the Makeup Revolution Spray can't outshine the Urban Decay All Nighter. Nevertheless, I can't get enough of the finish from the Makeup Revolution Setting Spray.

To get full use of this finish, I spray it on my beauty sponge and work it into my skin with my foundation. At the end of my makeup routine, I use the Urban Decay Setting spray to lock everything into place. By doing so, I kill two birds with one stone, I get the Makeup Revolution Glow through the makeup application and it stays like this due to the Urban Decay setting spray.


So, if you are on the hunt for a product that gives you a natural glow to your skin. I recommend adding the Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray to your makeup routine.


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