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3 ways to wear Over-The-Knee Boots


As my long-time readers know, I love pieces of clothing which are versatile. Today's over-the-knee boots fall in this category

When I bought them a few years ago, they were my first pair of over-the-knee boots. Due to the smooth suede fabric, they have a slouchiness to them which allows me to wear them not just over-the-knee. Sometimes I fold the upper part so that they end just below my knees then. This way I get a two-tone effect. Right now my favourite way to wear them crumpled. For me, the crumpled version creates this effortless yet stylish vibe I love so much. You know when you look like you didn't try but you still look like you are on trend. 

Over-the-knee version

Folded Version

Crumpled Version

What do you think? Which version is your favourite?


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