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Hello, my dears  I saw the first pair of #BikerShorts or #CyclingShorts on the Saint Laurent runway at the end of 2017 and my reaction was really?

#BikerShorts not as workout clothes but as a "fashion" must-have? 

#BikerShorts had their first big fashion moment back in the eighties. Style icons like the late Lady Diana and Madonna wore them back then.

Well, my enthusiasm remained very limited. However, over the last year, I saw many pictures of celebrities wearing #CyclingShorts in different ways. Casually with dads sneakers and a sweater, sexy with a head to knee fitting look or the "fashion way" styled with a blazer. 

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So admittedly through the course of the last year, my initial feeling of total rejection changed into a maybe "I should try it" mood. Especially the blazer #BikerShorts combination has grown on me quite a bit. In fact, so much I will at least try on some pairs to see if I like the look on myself.


How do you feel about this trend? Will you try or pass it?

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