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Hi everyone, back in the day when I worked at the beauty counter the most common concern from customers was the eye area.

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Shades of Beauty

Beauty Tricks

How to remove mascara spots without ruining your eye makeup

Image: Pinterest

After the fashion overdose of the last weeks, I thought it is time for a Beauty Trick

I used to hate it when I applied mascara as the last step of my eye makeup routine, and it transferred to my upper and lower lash line leaving me with little black dots. For years I struggled with how to remove those dots without taking off my whole eye makeup until I saw an interview with a celebrity makeup artist(unfortunately, I can't remember the name). Besides many other tips for a flawless makeup application, he resolved my black mascara dots problem with a trick that is almost too simple to be true.


So, if you are like me, and your mascara doesn't only end up on your lashes here's what you need to do.

1. When you end up with black mascara dots on your eyelids after the application, don't touch             them.

2. Let the dots dry down. And by dry down I mean finish the rest of your face makeup, do your            hair, get dressed just do everything you need to do before you have to leave the house. 

3. Then take a clean spoolie and brush softly over your mascara dots. 

4. Et voilà your mascara dots fall off while the rest of your eye makeup stays in place. 


And that's it. You are ready to go. Easy isn't it? 



I hope this was helpful!


Shades of Beauty

Beauty Tricks

- How to get thicker brows in 1 minute -

Image: Pinterest

Back in October, I told you how to get long thick lashes by dusting loose powder onto them. Do you remember?

Well, since then I found that the loose powder also works wonders on the eyebrows.

By dusting loose powder over them you get fuller looking brows. Of course, you can't go from sparse to Cara Delevingne brows. However, the powder plums up each brow hair so that that the exciting ones will have more body and look crisper. As a result, your filled in brows look more natural.


You just need a fluffy eyeshadow brush, a brow brush and a loose powder. 

1.  Fill in your eyebrows the same way you always do.

2. Then take the fluffy eyeshadow brush and dust some loose 

    powder over your filled in brows.

3. Now take the brow brush and work the powder into your 


4. If necessary, fill in areas of your brows which have faded.


That's it, your done. By the way, many people skip step 2 and dust the loose powder directly onto the brow brush and work it in. For me, the results are better when I take the extra step. 


If you try out both methods, let me know which one you prefer.


Shades of Beauty

Beauty Tricks

- How to get long thick lashes using loose powder -

Don't we all want these thick long lashes that we see on female VIPs all the time? Unfortunately, putting on false eyelashes is quite time-consuming and therefore not an option for the everyday makeup routine. 

However, I know one trick that expands your beauty routine by only one minute but gives you thick full lashes in return.


All you need is an eyelash curler, your mascara of choice, a fluffy eyeshadow brush and most important a loose powder.

1. Start with mascara-free lashes and give them a good curl.

2. Then apply one coat of mascara to your lashes.

3. Now put some loose powder on your fluffy eyeshadow brush and dust your lashes in                          powder. You should really see the coat of powder on your lashes after that step.

4. Then apply another coat mascara to your powdery lashes and you are done. Your lashes will look      as you are wearing a set of fake lashes.


Will you try this trick?


Shades of Beauty

Beauty Tricks

- Why you should add a light-hued pink concealer to your Beauty routine -

Image: Pinterest

After a month of fashion trends, I thought I start with a Beauty Trick that will erase signs of stress and tiredness from your face in an instant.

You probably all have been through a period where you had so much on your plate, that you are sleep deprived, didn't drink enough water for a week or even longer and on top of this stressful situation you're unhealthy lifestyle results in dull, sallow skin, especially around the eye area.

Well, I don't have a solution for your stressful situation, but I know a little beauty hack which helps you to conceal the signs of stress in your face.


A light-hued pink concealer.


A light-hued pink concealer works wonders negating dull and sallow skin. It gives the illusion of a refreshed and brighter skin. As a result, the signs of stress on your face become invisible.


It doesn't matter if you have a warm skin undertone you can still use a light-hued pink concealer to brighten your under eye area.

I always go in with a concealer that matches my yellow skin undertone to hide any dark circles. Afterwards, I apply a little bit of light-hued pink concealer on top of the other concealer to get the brightening effect.

My favourite light-hued pink concealer is the MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose. It is a very lightweight concealer so my under-eye area doesn't look                             cakey and the two concealers don't settle into fine lines.

Did you know this Beauty Trick? If not, will you give it a try?


Shades of Beauty

BEauty Tricks

- How to make your perfume last longer -

Image: Pinterest

Isn't it annoying when you put on a perfume and after an hour or so, it seems like the scent has vanished? There is a simple way to prolong the staying power of your favourite fragrance...

all you need is unscented Vaseline.


Put a thin layer of Vaseline to those areas where you normally apply your perfume, then spray your scent on top of it.

What happens is that the Vaseline acts as a primer for your fragrance. The oil and waxes of the Vaseline stay on your skin for a long time, building a protective layer to avoid hydration loss. By spraying the perfume on top of the Vaseline, the fragrance gets locked in this protective layer and stays on your skin for many hours.


Did you already know this Beauty Hack?


Shades of Beauty

Beauty Tricks

- How to get a M·A·C product for free -

I admit it is not a real Beauty Trick in terms of learning a new skill, but getting a new product for free is a great way to try out a colour you otherwise wouldn't have purchased with your own hard earned money. Besides, I have the feeling the BACK TO M·A·C program isn't well-known.

So what is BACK TO M·A·C? It is a reward program for M·A·C customers. If you return six primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter, you receive a free M·A·C product of your choice. All packages suitable for return have a BACK TO M·A·C label on them. The packaging containers have to be returned empty but undamaged. That means you can't slice your containers, to withdraw every little drop of product.

So far so good. The details of the BACK TO M·A·C program vary from country to country. The free product is usually a M·A·C lipstick or a single eye shadow. In some countries, you can return your emptied products online and at a counter. In others, the online option is not available. I recommend checking out your local M·A·C website to find out the details of your country's BACK TO M·A·C program.

Furthermore, special editions are excluded from the BACK TO M·A·C program. Also, you can only pick from the colours available in the store at that very moment you are returning your empties. Ordering a colour which is currently out of stock is not possible.


In Germany, I could always choose between a single eye shadow or a lipstick in exchange for my empty containers. Until 2016, now I can only choose one of their single eye shadows. 

For me, this change really sucks. I always picked a lipstick. Luckily, in my next holiday destination Rome, I can still choose a lipstick. So, although I know it is a little bit extra, I will bring my empty containers with me to expand my M·A·C lipstick collection. 



Have you heard of the BACK TO M·A·C program? Which product would you prefer a lipstick or a single eyeshadow?


Shades of Beauty

Beauty Tricks

- How to find your perfect lipstick colour -

Today's Beauty Trick is so ridiculously simple that I was hesitant to post it. Yet I have the feeling the trick is widely unknown. So here it is.

There is this one thing about buying a new lipstick shade I dislike, the Tester situation. Yes, I swatch it on the back of my hand, but I would never ever put it on my lips. Here things get tricky. Just because the lipstick colour looks good on the back of my hand, doesn't mean it looks flattering on me. Then again, a tester will never touch my lips. You see the problem? So to solve it I do this.

I stand in front a mirror, take the lipstick, twist it out of the container until I see a good amount of the colour, and then hold it over my lips. Now I look in the mirror to see how the colour looks on me. 


Et voilà, I can see if the colour matches my complexion without the need to use one of the testers on my lips. Easy but so helpful, don't you think?


Did you already know this trick?


Shades of Beauty

Beauty Tricks

- An easy hack to streamline your beauty routine or one and one equals one -

Today's Beauty Trick is for all of you who like to streamline their get-ready routine and save some money in doing so.


Yes, I can add up however I think we can all agree mixing two products leaves you with one and that's exactly what you need to do for today's Beauty Trick.


Take your liquid concealer and your favourite moisturiser, mix the desired amount of product together and voilà you have coverage and skincare in one product. By doing so, you get the face care you need plus the coverage you want which speeds up your beauty routine without the need to buy an extra product.


Depending on what your needs are you can either increase the amount of concealer for more coverage or your moisturiser to get a sheerer coverage with extended facial care.

You can also mix your concealer with your sunscreen for those hot summer days when you need extra SPF, but don't want to give up on coverage.

Did you know this trick if not will you give it a try?


Shades of Beauty

Beauty Tricks

- How to hold your makeup brushes correctly -

After introducing Style Tricks to my blog and positive feedback from you about those posts, I thought I take the idea to my Beauty Section and file it under Beauty TricksWith Beauty Tricks, I will share with you tips and tricks I collected over the years to improve/streamline your beauty and makeup routine. 

I am often get asked how to avoid too harsh looking makeup/eyeshadow application. Too harsh and also patchy looking makeup is almost all the time a result of the way you hold your brush.



Many women hold their makeup brushes too close to their bristles. By doing so, they think they have more control over their makeup application. In fact, it actually exerts too much pressure to the brush resulting in a harsh and patchy looking makeup.



So, instead of holding your makeup brush close to the bristles, try to hold it from the top of the handle. Putting less pressure on the makeup brushes leads to a softer, more seamless and airbrushed-like makeup. It goes for every makeup brush no matter if it's for the face or the eyes. 

You shouldn't hold your makeup brush closer to the bristles than pictured above. A little further down the handle would be even better. It might take some practice, but it is worth it. Trust me.

That's it for my first Beauty Trick post.


If you have any wishes or suggestions for what you would like me to cover in my Beauty Tricks, please let me know.


The Shades of Beauty

Beauty Tricks

- How to dry your nail polish in no time -

Waiting for your nail polish to dry is such a waste of time, isn't it? During that period you're basically bound to complete inactivity, or you are risking to mess up at least one of your freshly painted nails. 

Not anymore, my sister told me a trick that dries any nail polish in no time. All you need is an alcohol-free deodorant.

Image 1      Image 2      Image 3

Here is how it works


First, paint your nails and wait for 30 to 60 seconds. After that, wait for 30 to 60 seconds until the nail polish gets slightly tacky. Then spray your alcohol-free deodorant from a distance of approximately 10 cm onto your freshly painted nails. Your nail polish will dry within seconds. 

The reason for that is, that the deodorant acts like an ice spray which instantly hardens all components of your nail polish.

Now you just have to remove the excess deodorant traces from your nail polish, and you're ready to go.


Such a simple yet ingenious trick, don't you think? Let me know if you tried it out.