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Steal of the Month

#Clarisonic #ClarisonicFoundationBlendingBrush

Strictly speaking, the Clarisonic Foundation Makeup Blending Brush is not a Steal. You have to own a Clarisonic cleansing device to be able to use the Foundation Brush Head. These devices are without a doubt on the pricier side.

However, I still put it in my Steal of the Month Category because if you are an owner of a Clarisonic Cleaning device the Foundation Brush Head will save you a lot of money in the long run. Here is why...

As you probably already guessed the Foundation Brush Head is meant to blend in your foundation, contour, blush, and highlighter. According to the company you achieve better, more even coverage and a flawless, airbrushed look in 60 seconds or less.


This promise was more than intriguing to me. I couldn't wait to try it out. Unfortunately, I had to wait for another 8 months before the brush head hit the German market. When I finally got my hands on it, I was so disappointed. My complexion was the exact opposite of flawless and airbrushed. Rather, it was streaky and patchy.  Even worse the application was much more time-consuming than usual because I had to go over the applied foundation with a beauty sponge, to fix the blotchy result. What a mess! Nonetheless I was determined to make the brush work. Finally, after some trial and error, I got my desired flawless, airbrushed look. 

To get the promised airbrushed complexion two things are crucial!


1. Apply as less pressure as possible

I speak from experience when I say less is more. The application result gets better the less pressure you apply. If your Foundation Makeup Blending Brush is barely touching your skin, that's when you end up with this airbrushed, flawless look.


2. Use less foundation 

Here too, less is more. You can easily halve the amount of product you normally use for your foundation application. Like under point one "too much", in this case product leads to a patchy result. 

Due to the sonic technology of the Clarisonic cleansing device, the foundation brush head generates more than 18,000 micro-blends per minute. Therefore, it spreads any liquid or cream product more efficiently than a hand application could ever do.

Generally speaking, the more coverage your foundation has the less you need, due to the spreading ability of your Clarisonic. 


This spreading ability is the reason why I put the Clarisonic Foundation Makeup Blending Brush in my Steal of the Month category.

Since I am using this brush head to apply my foundation my product consumption has decreased by over 50%. 

Like promised in the product description I achieve better coverage with less product and my complexion looks absolutely flawless. The brush head blends the foundation so well into my skin it doesn't even look like I am wearing one. 


Yes, even as an owner of a Clarisonic cleansing device you have to spend about 30 to purchase the brush head. Still, you will end up saving a lot of money as your foundation consumption will go down to a minimum. 


For all of you who have played with the thought of purchasing a Clarisonic cleansing device the extra use as a foundation brush makes the investment even more worth it.


Click here to get a cleansing device and here for the foundation brush

P.S.: The Brush Head works with every Clarisonic cleansing device and for every cream or liquid makeup product.

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Steal of the Month

#essence #LashPrincessSculptedMascara

Some of my longtime readers might remember that my first Product Review was about the essence Lash Princess Mascara and that I loved it for the great volume, it provided.

Well, I still do but I have met the latest addition to the essence Lash Princess family... the Lash Princess Sculpted Mascara, and I have to say this new family member puts the original Lash Princess Mascara in the corner. 

Here is why. The Lash Princess Sculpted Mascara is like a lash lifting in a tube. It gives crazy voluminous long lashes with just one application. The wand coats and sculpts even the tiniest of my lashes and the effect last all day.


This "sculpting effect" has such an impact on my lashes that it makes my lash curler redundant. To be honest, the sculpting effect is better than any lash lift I have ever had and I get the effect for under 5.


So, if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative for a lash lifting, I highly recommend essence's Lash Princess Sculpted Mascara.


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Steal of the Month

#Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray

Here comes the first Steal of the Month of 2018. Many of my longtime readers probably remember that My Favourite setting spray is Urban Decay's All Nighter.

Although my devotion to the Urban Decay setting spray is an ongoing thing, I like to try out new ones because you never know what hidden gem you might uncover.


This time I picked up the Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray. It contains 100 ml for just 6,95 .

And I didn't regret it.


According to the description, the spray contains light-reflecting particles that create a natural, illuminating glow on your skin. Honestly, I haven't detected these light-reflecting particles so far, but something in this setting spray is working wonders. When I apply the setting spray over my makeup, it, of course, erases any excess powder residue (like every decent setting spray does) but much better than that transforms my makeup into a healthy dewy looking skin. Thereby, I mean this natural lit from within not that glittery, disco-ball-like glow.

I am in love with this setting spray because for the first time I don't have to add another creme or powder product to my makeup routine to achieve a dewy skin look. I just use the setting spray.


Frankly speaking, when it comes to keeping the makeup in place all day, the Makeup Revolution Spray can't outshine the Urban Decay All Nighter. Nevertheless, I can't get enough of the finish from the Makeup Revolution Setting Spray.

To get full use of this finish, I spray it on my beauty sponge and work it into my skin with my foundation. At the end of my makeup routine, I use the Urban Decay Setting spray to lock everything into place. By doing so, I kill two birds with one stone, I get the Makeup Revolution Glow through the makeup application and it stays like this due to the Urban Decay setting spray.


So, if you are on the hunt for a product that gives you a natural glow to your skin. I recommend adding the Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray to your makeup routine.



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Steal of the Month

- Dupe for MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder -

For years my go-to face powder was the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus. I love this powder because, as the name suggests, it gives a natural non-cakey finish to my face.

I used to set my under-eye concealer with it, to seal my makeup and to blur out any harsh lines. I even bronzed and contoured my face with the powder, as it comes in a variety of shades from light to dark. The only bummer of the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural has always been the price point (34  for 10 g of product) as well as the quick consumption of the powder. Nevertheless, due to the good performance and the lack of lower-priced alternatives, I stuck with the product for years.

These are all the available shades of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

However, a few month ago I couldn't get my hands on a new Mineralize Skinfinish Powder because it was out of stock for weeks. So, once again I started to search for a replacement or at least a decent gap filler until the Mineralize Skinfinish was back in stock.

I stumbled upon the NYX #NOFILTER FINISHING Powder and ended up ordering it for the simple reason that the product claims "flawless photoshopped complexion", matched my wishes. To be honest, after several disappointing replacement tryouts I didn't expect much.

I was proved wrong. Right after the first application, I was in love. My skin looked flawless. It seemed like the #NOFILTER FINISHING Powder blurred out all imperfections, but still left a healthy glow on my skin.

Pores seemed smaller, drier skin or fine lines to be blurred, my whole complexion looked softer like I put a filter on top of it. At this point, after weeks of testing, I can finally say that for me the #NOFILTER FINISHING powder is not only a dupe for the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish but rather a better and lower-priced version of it.

While the MAC Mineralize leaves a natural finish to the skin, the NYX #NOFILTER Finishing Powder gives my skin this photo-shopped flawless effect at a price point of 11,99  for 9,6 g of product.

Like the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, the #NOFILTERFINISHING Powder comes in a variety of shades, so every skin tone should find a matching shade. You could also buy one a few shades darker as a bronzer or contour shade.

So, if you are on the search for a powder that gives you a flawless complexion at a low price, I highly recommend the NYX #NOFILTER FINISHING Powder.


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Steal of the Month

- Fructis Pure Non Stop Cucumber Fresh Dry Shampoo -

Today's Steal of the Month is an emergency buy from my vacation in Rome.

After arriving at the hotel I thought I forgot to pack my beloved Batiste Dry Shampoo, so I went on the hunt for a replacement. The only dry shampoo I could find was the Fructis Pure Non Stop Cucumber Fresh Dry Shampoo. Due to the lack of alternatives, I went for it.

This Dry Shampoo is utterly different from any dry shampoo I tried before, and I tried several. 

When you spray it on, it doesn't release a cloud of powder, but rather a clear hairspray like texture. Spread through the hair, it also feels totally different than other dry shampoos. Yes, it takes away greasiness, but it doesn't leave this powdery, slightly unnatural, not hair-like residues on your scalp and roots. Rather, my hair feels freshly washed after the use of the Fructis Pure Non Stop Cucumber Fresh Dry Shampoo. Owing to its clear texture, I don't have to worry about any white dust traces on my dark blond hair.


I have to admit it doesn't give as much volume and texture to my hair like my Batiste Dry Shampoo. Then again my hair looks more fresh, shinier and natural when I use the Fructis one. So for me, the Fructis Pure Non Stop Cucumber Fresh Dry Shampoo will definitely be a rebuy product, although I don't think it can completely replace my Batiste one. Maybe I will try to mix both products to get the best of both of them. 


Anyways, if you shy away from dry shampoo because you don't like the feel and look, it leaves on your hair, the Fructis Pure Non Stop Cucumber Fresh Dry Shampoo is worth a try because your hair really feels freshly washed after the use.


Oh, and the price point is under 5. So, definitely a Steal of the Month.


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Steal of the month

- An old friend with a new look -

Last July I told you how much I loved the Batiste Strength & Shine Dry Shampoo. Well, I found a better replacement...

the Batiste Beautiful Brunette Dry Shampoo. I gave this one a try because, my favourite at the time, the Strength & Shine was out of stock. As you can probably guess, I don't regret the purchase.

To be honest, I had my doubts if the brunette tint of the dry shampoo would match my hair colour because according to my hairdresser I am a dark blonde. But then again, I thought, the transition between dark blonde and brunette is fluid and just went for it. Luckily, my concerns were unfounded. 


The colour match is impeccable. The tint looks absolutely natural. Even better, it doesn't give a monochromatic tinted appearance to the hair but rather adjusts to the different colour depths of my hair. Meaning, naturally lighter strands of my hair stay this way. Overall, I feel the Beautiful Brunette Dry Shampoo enhances my hair colour instead of dulling it like many other dry shampoos do. Oh, and the slight tint of this dry shampoo works great to cover up any makeup residues that somehow ended up in the hairline.


The results for added texture and volume are identical with the Strength & Shine one. The same goes for the price.


Nonetheless, I prefer the Beautiful Brunette Dry Shampoo over the Strength & Shine one, because of the way the tint enhances my hair colour.

The Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of colour is also available in the shades Brilliant Blonde or Divine Dark. 

As always, I love to hear your feedback.


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Steal of the Month

- trend IT UP - Expert Illuminating Fluid & Base, 30 ml -

The Steal of the Month is for all of you who want a primer which prolongs your makeup and gives you a dewy, more youthful complexion at a reasonable price.


First things first:

1. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of primers. Many of them promise a lot but don't really live up to the claims. Even if they do, most of the time you can achieve the same with the products you already own. 

2. That said when I purchased this Steal of the Month I had run out of my MAC Strobe Cream and couldn't get it anywhere. I use the MAC Strobe Cream to mix in with my foundation to achieve a dewier finish. Until I could restock my beloved Strobe Cream, I just wanted to fill the gap with a cheaper substitute because I thought nothing could live up to my MAC Strobe Cream. 


However, the trend IT UP - Expert Illuminating Fluid & Base proved me wrong.

The trend IT UP - Expert Illuminating Fluid & Base comes in a tube with a pump, contains 30 ml of product at a price of just 4,45 €. The product has a slight cream-coloured tint to it. It is not too thick nor too watery and melts into my skin immediately. 


Now on to the product claims, according to the description, it is a skin smoothing makeup base which gives your skin a smooth, dewy and more radiant complexion. It can be used by itself or under a foundation. 


To cut a long story short this Expert Illuminating Fluid & Base exceeded my expectations big-time. Here is why. In contrast to much higher priced products it actually reduces expression lines leaving you with a smoother complexion. Responsible for this result is probably mainly the ingredient Gatuline.

Gatuline is a botanical extract which reduces the intensity of your facial muscle contractions thereby resulting in a quick and visible reduction of your facial lines ( a kind of 'natural Botox').

This effect lasts on me the whole day. Like promised, the primer gives my skin a natural dewy finish that is great for every day. I use it under my foundation as well as mixed in this most likely enhances my results.

In conclusion, I can say the trend IT UP -Expert Illuminating Fluid & Base fulfilled all product claims and performed way better than much higher priced products.


Does it replace my MAC Strobe Cream? No, it doesn't. To achieve a dewy and radiant complexion, especially for special events, I prefer the MAC Strobe Cream. Nonetheless, this product is one of the best primers I have ever used, and I will keep on using it.


So, for all of you who are looking for an affordable primer which smoothes your facial lines and gives you a natural glow. You should try the trend IT UP -Expert Illuminating Fluid & Base.


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Steal of the Month

- The Perfect Contour/ Bronzer Brush -

It's been a while since my last Steal of the Month, but they are hard to find. 


As a makeup artist and makeup lover, I am always on the hunt for new makeup products that amaze me. A few weeks ago, I came across this Rouge Brush by ebelin. 

At first sight, I was wondering why they named it Rouge Brush. For me, it looked like a contour/bronzer brush, and for this, I use the Brush.


Anyways, besides the name, I love this Brush. It is so soft, you hardly feel it on your skin. The Brush consists of synthetic hair making it suitable for all you vegans out there. Furthermore, you can use it both for cream and powder products.

However, the best thing about this Brush is its two-stage shape. It makes contouring and bronzing a no-brainer as it fits perfectly on the contours of the face. Oh, and your blending time is almost down to zero because the Brush does it for you while you're applying the product. 

What more could you want? 

A reasonable price. You shall have it. This perfect Contour/Bronzing Brush costs only 3,95


So it is a double win, works like a charm and is available for less than 5 . If you have trouble blending in your bronzer/contour or you just wish to streamline your makeup application, I highly recommend this Brush. You won't be disappointed, I promise. I haven't used another brush to contour/bronze since I have bought this "Blush Brush".


P.S.: It also comes with a plastic cap to protect the Brush from dirt while you are travelling.


Please let me know if you gave it a try.


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Steal of the Month

Hair Shampoo

Here I am with another Steal of the Month and once again it is a hair product. Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself, I am so hooked on it, it is the ...

Unlike my search for the perfect dry shampoo, I wasn't on the hunt for a new hair shampoo. To be honest, none of the shampoos I used so far, performed to my absolute amazement. Sure, some did better than others, but nothing life changing so far. Until I bought a travel size of the OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, this baby exceeded my expectations.


Okay, to tell the truth, I just expected this shampoo to leave me with the same mediocre feeling its predecessors did. The first shampooing proofed me wrong.
Right after the first hair wash, I noticed a difference in the texture of my wet hair. It never felt softer. I am not kidding you. I didn't even have to use a conditioner afterwards. I could comb through my hair easily.
The silkiness of my hair remains until the next hair wash. My hair looks fuller and has a much better texture. Also, my hairstyles last much longer.


Granted, it is a little bit pricier than a regular drugstore shampoo but comes in a 385ml bottle. Besides I can skip the conditioner, so I save some money this way. Even if I would still need the conditioner, this shampoo is definitely worth the extra cash, for me.
On a site note, I got my mum hooked on the shampoo, too.

Have you heard of the shampoo? Do you love it as much as I do? If not, what is your favourite shampoo?


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Steal of the month

- Batiste Strength & Shine Dry Shampoo

I don't know how many dry shampoos I already have tried. While most of them gave my hair texture and volume, there was always one thing I didn't like about them, the dullness they left on my hair. No matter how much I tried to blend the powder in and to blow out the excess, my hair lacked some healthy lustre.  I almost come to terms with the fact that by spraying dry shampoo onto my hair, it would lack some shine, until now... 

This month steel is the Batiste Strength & Shine Dry Shampoo enriched with L-Arginine. It is an amino acid which is supposed to strengthen the hair structure. I don't know if it is the added L-Arginine, but finally, this dry shampoo performs completely to my wishes.
It adds some volume and texture without taking away the natural shine of my hair. On top of this, the shampoo doesn't leave any gross residue or buildup on my scalp. And last but not least, it only costs  4,99 €.

I will rebuy Batiste's Strength & Shine Dry Shampoo for sure. What about you, do you know it, have you tried it or can you recommend another dry shampoo? 


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Steal of the Month

Don't you all love the feeling when you buy something with little expectations and then its performance just blows your mind. Starting with this post, I will share with you that kind of purchases. With my passion for makeup and all things beauty, most buys will probably be beauty related, like today's one is KIKO Milano's 30 Days Extension - Night Treatment Booster.

I bought the lash booster over a month ago, not that my lashes are super short, but there is always room for improvement. The price tag was under 8 € which certainly benefited my decision to give it a try. KIKO Milano claims it makes your lashes grow about 169% in 30 days.

Okay, I don't know if my lashes have been growing 169%, they were on the longer side to begin with, but they got visibly longer and thicker after approximately one week. After this surprisingly quick positive outcome, I thought "Maybe it will make my sparse eyebrows grow, too." To my surprise, it not only made my brows thicker, it also darkened them. I am still far away from a bold natural eyebrow. However, the added thickness but especially the slightly darker brow hairs make filling in my eyebrows so much easier and quicker.
To speed up the already good results, I started to apply the booster daily and nightly. No, my lashes and eyebrows didn't grow even faster. Nonetheless, I discovered that applying the treatment in the morning, before doing my makeup, is enhancing my mascara and brow product application. My lashes hold the curl longer, and my eyebrows get a nice texture which makes them appear more natural.

So if you are on the hunt for an affordable lash grow serum that works, I highly recommend KIKO Milano's 30 Days Extension - Night Treatment Booster. Will you give it a try?