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- How to get a M·A·C product for free -

I admit it is not a real Beauty Trick in terms of learning a new skill, but getting a new product for free is a great way to try out a colour you otherwise wouldn't have purchased with your own hard earned money. Besides, I have the feeling the BACK TO M·A·C program isn't well-known.

So what is BACK TO M·A·C? It is a reward program for M·A·C customers. If you return six primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter, you receive a free M·A·C product of your choice. All packages suitable for return have a BACK TO M·A·C label on them. The packaging containers have to be returned empty but undamaged. That means you can't slice your containers, to withdraw every little drop of product.

So far so good. The details of the BACK TO M·A·C program vary from country to country. The free product is usually a M·A·C lipstick or a single eye shadow. In some countries, you can return your emptied products online and at a counter. In others, the online option is not available. I recommend checking out your local M·A·C website to find out the details of your country's BACK TO M·A·C program.

Furthermore, special editions are excluded from the BACK TO M·A·C program. Also, you can only pick from the colours available in the store at that very moment you are returning your empties. Ordering a colour which is currently out of stock is not possible.


In Germany, I could always choose between a single eye shadow or a lipstick in exchange for my empty containers. Until 2016, now I can only choose one of their single eye shadows. 

For me, this change really sucks. I always picked a lipstick. Luckily, in my next holiday destination Rome, I can still choose a lipstick. So, although I know it is a little bit extra, I will bring my empty containers with me to expand my M·A·C lipstick collection. 



Have you heard of the BACK TO M·A·C program? Which product would you prefer a lipstick or a single eyeshadow?

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