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Drugstore Only

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It is always a personal choice on which products you want to spend your money on or not. There is no wrong or right, you do you. But I thought I share with you some of the products I usually buy at the drugstore and the reason why. 


Firstly,  I tried so many mascaras over the last years that I can confidently say, for every high-end mascara you can find a drugstore dupe, at least in my opinion. Secondly,  I use mascara on a daily bases. I reapply it at least once a day sometimes more often. Hence I run through a decent amount of mascaras over the course of one year. Therefore, my go-to mascaras are drugstore only. Shop them here and here


Makeup Remover

When it comes to makeup removers, I just want them to do their job as effectively as possible and I haven't found a high-end one that works better than my trusted drugstore makeup remover.


Facial Cleansers

 I clean my face religiously every evening before I get to bed no matter what time it is. But a facial cleanser only stays on my skin for a minimum of five minutes or less. Because of that, I rather invest in a really effective face cream that stays on my face for hours rather than an expensive face wash.


Shower Gels/ Peeling

What I said about facial cleansers applies to body washes too. I  prefer to invest my money in a nourishing body lotion, instead of a fancy body wash.


Of course, these are temporary decisions. I don't rule out the case, that I discover a high-end product which I consider worth the splurge but until then I stick with my trusted drugstore choices.


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what to purchase during fashion sales

My tips on what to purchase during sale that you won't regret later

With the summer sale season already in full swing, I thought I give you my two cents on to purchase that you won't regret.

1. Designer pieces

Sales are a great opportunity to get your hands on a designer piece for a fraction of the original price. So keep in eye on online shops like net-a-porter, the outnet, stylebop and Mytheresa during the sales.


2. High-quality fabric pieces

Sales are also a great time to stock your wardrobe with fancy fabric clothing. Think silk blouses, cashmere sweaters and leather jackets. 


3. Wardrobe Staples/Classic

During sales, you can also stock up on those wardrobe staples you have on rotation all year round. 


4. Trendy pieces

Let's face it some fashion trends come and go in a hot second. However, if you are like me and still like to wear some of these short-lived trends, sales are a great way to purchase them without spending a fortune.


5. Invest in longer lasting trends

There are also trends last longer than just one season. Those trends are more shape and form related, for example, the culotte trousers, have been around for a few seasons now and will be staying a little bit longer. So, sales are a great way to introduce a new silhouette to your wardrobe.


These are my tips and what are your shopping tips for sale?


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Summer Wardrobe

- Shoes Part II-

#PlatformSandals #SummerWardrobe #Shoes #Sandals

Unlike the last two summers, this one seems to be a good one for me when it comes to shoe purchases.

At first, I wasn't that thrilled about these platform sandals. I actually let them sit in the shoe box for four days before I tried them on. But once I tried them on, they got me excited. First of all, they are super comfortable and secondly, they work with more things in my closet than I thought.


So, you will see them on repeat here and on my Instagram, during this summer.  

Shop this post here 

(Affiliate Link)

P.S.: I bought them on Boohoo with a 25% discount code which is still available at the moment. You just have to enter "Wow" at your checkout. 


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Summer Wardrobe

- Shoes -

#SteveMadden #MarleySandals 

With every new season, I love to add some new pieces to my wardrobe. My first purchase for this summer season, are these Steve Madden Marley Strappy Glitter Sandals.

Some of you probably think right now this is a shoe for an evening/nighttime event. I agree to disagree. I love to incorporate these kinds of "evening shoes" into my everyday wardrobe. They instantly elevate a simple t-shirt and jeans look to a more fashionable look. Another way I love to wear these kinds of shoes is in combination with active-wear inspired pieces to create an edgier look. And there are endless other options...


Over this summer season, I will shoot different looks wearing these sandals to give you some visuals of what I mean. And hopefully, to pass down some inspiration for your wardrobe.


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I am an ambassador

#Capitpla  #CapitolaWatches #Watches

Okay, okay the heading is a little bit dramatic but it's true, a few weeks ago I was approached by Sofia the marketing manager from Capitola with the offer to become an ambassador for their brand.

And as you can see, I  accepted the offer because I really like the philosophy of Capitola.  

Capitola is a watch brand founded by Carlota and Sofia after a trip around the world. During that trip, they fell in love with the tiny, beautiful coastal town Capitola in California which inspired them to found their label Capitola with the California coast in                                   mind.

What I like most about Capitola is the fact that they produce their watches sustainable. All of them are made from recycled stainless steel. By reusing materials in the production of their watches, Capitola reduces waste and therefore helps the environment. 

In addition to that, they also donate 2% of their profits to charities. So, when you purchase a product from Capitola, you can enjoy the watch even more because you contribute to a good cause and you do something for the environment.

As a start of my Ambassadorship, Capitola was so nice to give me a discount code for all of you. So, if you decide to purchase a watch just enter the code KAREN at the checkout and you get 15% off on your order.


Thanks to all of my readers who keep checking my blog, leaving comments, writing e-mails and like my Instagram posts. Without you, nothing of this would be possible. Once again, thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me.


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#Earpiercing  #SecondLobePiercing


After at least one year of contemplating, I finally got my second earlobe piercing on both ears.

I wanted these piercings for a long time, but somehow I just never made it. Don't ask me why I  don't know myself. I firmly believe things happen when they are supposed to happen. 

Back to the piercing, I can't wait to replace this with a piercing of my choice after the recommended six weeks the initial piercing has to stay in place. After nearly a week, I am happy to report that I don't have any signs of infection or inflammation. In fact, it went so well that I am planning on getting my third lobes pierced after the six weeks of healing.

To get my hoops... click here (Affiliate Link)

Here are some ear piercings I would love for the second lobes once I can switch them.

Do you have any ear piercings?


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My first Brand Ambassador RELATIONSHIP

#Jewellery #Necklaces #Rosegold #Silver #Ambassador #DiscountCode

Hi, my lovelies as you can see from the heading I have some wonderful news with you to share with you.

Two and a half weeks ago Pepita Barber approached me to join their ambassador programme. They are a relatively new jewellery brand that opened their online shop in November last year. At the moment their range includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces. All items are available in gold, silver and rose gold at a really fair price point.

After scrolling through their online shop, I agreed without hesitation to join their ambassador programme. Because their jewellery, especially their bracelets and necklaces, work wonderfully for layering as well as mix and match different pieces. Also, if you have been following me for a while, you know I have a passion for the bling bling. So, this offer is just the perfect fit for me.


My first pieces from the collection are Selene Necklace Silver and the Leo Necklace Rose Gold.  I can change the chain length on both of the necklaces. Therefore, they work great for mix and match with other pieces I already own like my golden "Karen necklace". 


For you, my ambassadorship with Pepita Barber means, you get a 15% discount on their entire collection if you use the discount code Karen at the checkout in their online shop.


This discount is also a thank you to all of you, who have supported me throughout my blogging journey or/and on Instagram. Without your support, likes and comments this wouldn't be possible. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart it means the world to me. 


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Pantone Colour of the Year - Fashion Tips


Image: Pinterest

Welcome back to my third and final post dedicated to Pantone's colour of the year - Living Coral.

Today it's all about fashion. Like mentioned in my first post of this series, Living Coral is much more up my alley as last years purple shade. Yes, it is also a bold colour but at the same time, more workable as an everyday clothing staple, as it has this summery, breezy and weightless feel to it. 

Therefore, you can go all in with a head-to-toe coral look by combining different coral shades or by wearing a statement piece in a vibrant coral.  You can take it down a notch by combining a single coral piece with more neutral colours. Corals go great with white shades and some turquoise jewellery. Colour-blocking with another bold hue is also possible. 


To get you into the coral vibe here are some clothing items and accessories I like.

1. Pants          2. Bodysuit          3. Dress          4. Sandals          5. Shirt

How are you planning to wear coral this summer?


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DIY - Tassel Earring

- How to upgrade an old earring in no time -

Last week, I raved about the Tassel Trend and today I will show you how to make a statement Tassel Earring in no time. So, let's get started.

Here is what you need


- a pair of scissors

- a firm piece of cardboard

- mercerised yarn, wool, fine leather strap,      or any other thread 

- a small hoop earring


Here is what you need to do

1. Trim your cardboard to the desired size. Keep in mind, that the size of the cardboard equals the length of your Tassels. Don't start too small you can always shorten the Tassel. Now start winding the thread around the board in taunt loops until you reach the desired fullness. Your Tassel will be twice as thick, because you have fabric on both sides of the cardboard.

For a multicoloured Tassel use different colours at the same.



2. Take an extra piece of thread and tie it in the centre on one side of your looped threat. 



3. Remove the fabric from the cardboard and cut the threads on the opposite side of the knot.


4. Take another piece of thread, place it about 1-1,5 cm below the knot and wrap it around the looped threat. Tie a knot and hide it under the wrapped threat. Now trim the bottom of your Tassel to your desired length.


5. Finally, take your hoop earring and push it through the space between your Tassel head and the knot.

That's it. It took me about 10 minutes to make this Tassel Earring. Let me know if you gave it a try.


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DIY - Appliquéd Denim Shirt

- How to achieve the Patches Trend at home -

The Patches Trend is another big trend of this season. Luckily, you don't have to spend a fortune on new clothes to rock this look. 


Instead, you can achieve the same look for a fraction of the money you would pay in a store by DIY.  Oh, and unlike my last DIY project, this one only takes at most 15 minutes. 

So here what you need:

- denim shirt 

- iron-on patches (I got mine here, I also like these)

- iron

- dish towel or a piece of fabric

You can replace the denim shirt with a garment of your choice. From shirts, jackets, pants or even bags and shoes, patches are everywhere this season.

Here is what you need to do:


1. Take the garment of your choice and place the patches on it.


I choose the back of my shirt, but again, it's totally up to you where you want to affix them. The goal is to achieve a coincidental look as if you collected and added the patches over several years. Try to resist the urge to colour coordinate or to arrange the patches according to size.




2. As a final step lay the dish towel over the patches and iron until the patches stick to the garment.

That's all. Easy isn't it? Do you like the Patches Trend? Please let me know.


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DIY - Frayed Jeans Hem

- How to upgrade your old jeans -

This season it's all about the distressed jeans look with a focus on the hemline. From asymmetrical to frayed the hemline of your jeans can be everything but not straight.

This Frayed Hemline Trend is a great opportunity to pimp some of your old jeans and make them fashionable again.


Here is what you need


- a pair of jeans

- scissors (preferably textile scissors they        make cutting easier and cleaner)

- tweezers or a seam ripper

- ruler

- Tailor’s chalk or washable marker

Here is what you need to do.



1. Put on your pair of jeans, use your tailor's chalk/washable marker to mark where you   want your hemline to end. Shortly above

the ankle is a very flattering length. 



2. Take your scissors and cut off your jeans   along the marking line.



3. Now you have to decide how long your     fringes should be. Again, use your chalk/     marker to mark the point where you want    

the fringes to start. I choose ca. 10 cm. If      

you are unsure about the length, start with   shorter fringes. You can always extend         them later. 


4. Use your scissors to cut little horizontal     strips from the bottom of the hem to your     marking line, from step three. The width    

of the stripes is up to you. I went for ca. 1     cm. 

You can stop here or take your Frayed Hem one step further. Depending on the length of your stripes, the following step can be pretty time-consuming. One leg took me about 5 hours. 

5. Turn the wrong side of your jeans             outward. You can see little white threads     running horizontally throughout the fabric.     To take the Frayed Hem Look one step         further, you have to pull out these white       threads entirely as they keep the fabric         together. Use your tweezers/seam ripper to   remove the white threads from all your         horizontal stripes. 


That's it your jeans are now on trend.


Do you like the Frayed Hem Trend and which one do you prefer?


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My favourite accessory of the Oscars 2017

 - How to wear it in real life -

Besides the stunning gowns of last week's Oscars night, I particularly loved one accessory trend of this evening - the Bejewelled Hairband.

Here are my favourite Hairband looks of this year's Oscars.

Hairbands are not limited to evening wear only. In fact, they are an easy way to amp up your 9 to 5 outfit, depending on what kind of Hairband you choose. 

I am sure after their big appearance at this year's Oscars, all kind of Hairbands will be in stores everywhere, very soon.


I can't wait to incorporate them into my spring/summer looks. What about you? 


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My Oscars Fashion Recap

- Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all -

While there are always favourites to win the Oscars, one thing is always uncertain, who takes home the Oscar for the Best Dress of the evening. This year's fashion was dominated by four colours gold, black, white, and red. Here are my Top 3 and one Disappointment. 


1. Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae wearing an Elli Saab Haute Couture dress was, at least for me, the Wow moment of the evening. It had everything an Oscars dress needs: drama, glamour and some sexiness. I loved how the sheerness on the top balanced out the volume of the bottom part. 

2. Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P Henson's velvet dress by Alberta Ferretti brought some old Hollywood glamour to the red carpet. The cut and sweetheart neckline emphasised her assets elegantly.

Hailee Steinfeld

Like Janelle's Monae's gown, Hailee Steinfeld's Ralph & Russo Haute Couture dress looked like a delicate piece of art. The ruffles in the back were an on trend style element which gave the robe that extra something.

Most Disappointing 

Dakota Johnson

Unfortunately, Dakota Johnson in a gold satin Gucci dress was my least favourite of the evening. While Taraji P Henson embodied the old Hollywood glam perfectly, Dakota Johnson didn't achieve that. Instead of retro glam, her dress reminded me of a nightgown with a waitress apron on top. I also think her makeup and hair look was to reduced for such a glamorous night. 



What was your favourite look of the Oscars 2017? Please comment below. 


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Sale Guide

- What you should shop in the SALES -

With the Winter Sales being in full progress, I thought I give you a hint what's worth a buy so that you start the new season in style without spending a fortune. Here are three styles that will still be around in 2017.


No, Velvet isn't just a fabric for the cold season. Some major players like Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs incorporated it in their spring/summer collections. So, if you didn't add some velvet pieces to your closet last fall, this is a good time to do so.


These four are great.

Bomber Jackets

They have been around for quite a while, but they are going nowhere. At this point, you can find a bomber jacket in almost every designer's collection. The latest version of the bomber is ready to dive into the nightlife. I will most definitely add another one to my collection while they are on sale.


Here are some of my favourite ones.

Metallic Hues

Just like the bomber jacket, metallic styles were omnipresent on the runways for 2017. From single pieces to an allover look, metallic finishes are here to stay. Currently, I am looking for a skirt with this finish. Besides that, I could also buy all of these pieces.

Have fun shopping.


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The Golden Globe Awards


Last Sunday's Golden Globes did not only kick off the award season 2017 but also a season filled with breathtaking fashion.


Three major trends were omnipresent at the Golden Globe Awards:


- all over sequins

- tulle dresses

- as well as yellow ones.

Images: Getty Images

Overall, I think the fashion was a great opening for what's to come this award season. Here are my top three looks of the Golden Globes 2017.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone did not only win Best Actress in a Comedy/ Musical. For me, she also wore one of the best dresses of the evening. A Valentino Haute Couture tulle dress embroidered with stars which faded out towards the bottom. 

I love, how the lightness of the dress complimented her snow white skin tone. The necklace, however, was too heavy for the look, I would have skipped it.

Freida Pinto

Also Freida Pinto went with a gown that combined two trends of the evening, tulle and sequins, she managed to stick out of the crowd because the cutouts at her waist and the sheer bottom part put an edgy twist on her gown.

Olivia  Culpo

Olivia Culpo wore my absolute favorite dress of the evening because she chose something no one else did -  an allover flower print dress.

The floral pattern of this Zuhair Murad dress is one of a kind. I am stunned how such a dominant print can look so vibrant instead of dated like so many other ones. The full skirt was brilliantly balanced out by a more skin showing top part, therefore, avoiding that the print appeared overwhelming. Her hair and makeup were also impeccable. Making her my number one look of the evening.



What do you think?



See you soon.



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How to properly hang  your clothes in  your  closet

Okay, I admit everyone is capable of filling up an empty closet with clothing. But believe me when I tell you, how you do it is what makes the difference. 

A well-organised closet helps to maintain the garments, to get the most out of any closet space, and it is time-saving since you can overlook everything you own. From years of organising and rearranging wardrobes, here are my tips and tricks to get the best out of yours.

1. Declutter, Declutter and Declutter

Yes, I know it is hard, but in order to get the most out of your closet, you have to get rid of all the stuff you don't wear anymore, that is out of style or simply too worn out. On the bright side, you make room for new garments. So roll up your sleeves and declutter everything you haven't worn in years ( 2 years is a good guideline), that doesn't fit, is stained, beyond fixing or you don't like anymore. Depending on the condition donate the clothes or discard them.

2. Remove All Your Wire Hangers

I know they come in handy, as you get them for free at the dry cleaning. However that's about it, these hangers do nothing for your clothes. In fact, their sharp thin edges can stretch, crease and even break the fibres of your garments, resulting in holes.


3. Get The Different Hangers For Different Garments

I use two types of hangers, skirt and shirt ones. When it comes to material, wooden hangers are very gentle to every fabric, their curved shape follows shoulders, which helps to maintain the fabric and shape of your clothing items. Slimline hangers are an inexpensive alternative for wooden hangers. 

I prefer shirt hangers with a pants bar they are a little bit wider making them suitable not only for shirts but also for blazer, coats, jackets and trousers. The latter ones can also hang on the skirt hangers.

5. Jeans

You can hang or fold your jeans it is up to your preference. I fold them to save the space on the rag for the delicate garments.


6. Belts and Scarves Have Special Requests

There are specific hangers available for those items. If you can spare a drawer or shelf, you can also roll up your belts and store them there. The same goes for your scarves.

7. Never Double Layer

Never hang one garment of another. Out of experience, I can tell you if you don't see your clothes you won't wear them. 


8. Fine Tuning

After I have folded and hung up everything, I form clothing groups such as skirts, dresses, etc.. Within these groups I start with the lightest garment and end with the darkest. Also, I put the longer ones in front of the shorter. The same applies to sleeve lengths. 


I hope this was helpful. Do you have any organising tips or any questions left? Please leave a comment below. Until then, have a good one.


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Part VIII - Go-to-Boots

There is one last piece that shouldn't be missing from your closet - Go-to-Boots.

You pair of choice should reflect your personal style. For me, I love some suede over-the-knee boots in the colder months, on rainy summer days I reach for ankle boots, and of course, I can't live without my biker boots. Moreover, I love to combine edgier boots with a softer fabrics.

To get your collection started, boots in ankle height are a great option because they are wearable almost all year round. Below I put together a few boots in different styles for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.

This brings this series to an end. I hope I could give you some ideas on how to step up your wardrobe game. If you have any questions left, please get in touch. Until then...


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Part VII - Button-Down Shirts

A button-down shirt is one of these clothing items that works for many occasions and is flattering on almost everyone. That's why it shouldn't be missing from your closet.

The all-time classic version is a white button-down shirt. With this, you immediately look more pulled together. It is always a great option for a business meeting and as a combining piece. It is a timeless garment which works all year round by itself or as a layering item. Depending on its quality you can wear this shirt for years to come.

If you are not the classic type, a button-down shirt is still a great option to try out different styles and shapes. I love to shop the men section for some button-downs, and I like shirts that incorporate current trends. This way I look polished and stylish at the same time.

Below I put together some button-down styles that pick up some current fashion trends.

What do you think? Are you adding a button-down shirt to your wardrobe? Please let me know. Until next time...


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Part VI - Basic Tops

The key pieces your wardrobe shouldn't be missing are black and white shirts. I promise they will never fail you.


These shirts are the secret weapons of your wardrobe. Maybe they don't run the show, but they certainly can pull your outfit together. If you don't know what to combine, a black or white shirt is always an option. Their magic lies in their ability to add the final touch to your outfit without stealing the limelight from the real showrunners of your wardrobe.

Stylewise these tops will give you boundless options by wearing different shapes ( longsleeved , V- neck etc. ) and fabrics ( silk, cotton and so on ). You can combine them with every other item in your wardrobe and for almost every occasion. Additionally, they are also great layering pieces.

I think we can all agree, a white t-shirt and some jeans never go out of style. It is always a great option for every day and leaves a lot of room to put your unique style to this outfit.
Right now, I love to replace the t-shirt for a bodysuit, to incorporate the 90s trend into my wardrobe.

Here is my spin of a black top and a statement skirt. I would wear this outfit, both day and night.

This is it, for Part V of How to Build your Wardrobe, 'til next time...xoxo Karen


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Part V - Go-to-Blazer

Hello again, another piece of clothing that shouldn't be missing from your wardrobe is a Go-to-Blazer.


Adding a Blazer to your outfit will instantly upgrade it no matter what your starting look is. For instance, when you are wearing shorts combining a Blazer will take away some of the sexiness, making you appear more reliable. And this is just one example of many.
Over the last years, I find the Blazer has gotten a real style update, think Boyfriend-Blazer or the return of the sleeveless Blazer. Basically, it comes in every length, shape or fabric you can imagine. So just keep looking there is one or more out there for you too.

One tip: do not exclude the men section many of their blazers look just as good on you.

In the summertime with higher temperatures, I love a sleeveless Blazer for a business meeting to achieve a polished look.

By combining a statement Blazer, think sequins, embellished, bold colour, and so on, to your outfit, you can transfer a simple day look into an evening look.

How does your Go-to-Blazer look? Or do you have more than one?


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Part IV - Go-to-Skirt

Welcome back to another round of "How to Build Your Wardrobe". One piece of clothing you should add to your wardrobe is - a Go-to-Skirt.


In my opinion, a skirt is one of the most versatile garments. If you choose the right fabric, not too light and not too heavy, you can wear your "Skirt of Choice" all year round. Through combining, you can achieve almost every look, from a casual daytime to fancy evening outfit.

Your Go -to- Skirt should have a shape and length that makes you feel confident no matter the occasion. I personally love a pencil skirt. This design is flattering for any body type because it creates a hourglass-shaped figure on any frame. Also, I would choose a solid coloured skirt over a patterned to maintain the versatility of the skirt. My last tip, don't go too short with the hemline, again to assure you can wear your the skirt to any occasion.

Casual Look

Here are some other examples on how to rock your Go-to-Skirt on different occasions.  By switching the hoodie for a sequined top and the sneakers for some heels, you transform your casual daytime look into an evening outfit in no time.

Evening Look

Of course, you can also wear your Go-to-Skirt at lower temperatures.

Cold Season Look

1.Coat     2.Gloves    3.Sweater     4.Boots

How does your Go-to-Skirt look like or are you still searching?


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Part III- Go-to-Heels

Another item you should add to your wardrobe is... your Go-to-Heels.

These heels should be the perfect fusion of eye-catching and comfortable footwear. You should be able to walk in them for several hours. Some of you might already say there is no such pair of heels. I assure you there is. A good option for a comfortable heel is one with a hidden platform. By choosing such a pair, 12cm heels are not a problem anymore because the platform will take away the intensity of the heel.


This kind of a heel can elevate a simple jeans and T-shirt outfit into a chic classic business outfit. It will accompany you to dates, movie nights, business meetings or any other occasion your outfit needs that extra something.
Wearing heels will always change your whole appearance. They give you power because you walk and stand taller. Therefore you appear more confident. People will approach you in a different way. Also, they have an instant slimming effect.

Images: TheyAllHateUs

While many stylists swear by a black heel as your Go-to Heel, I disagree. I would always opt for a version of nude heels or some with an animal print. In my opinion they go with every outfit whereas a pair of solid black heels sometimes creates a too harsh contrast to the rest of the outfit. For many years my Go-to Heels were in a nude pink colour.

Below I put together some examples I would choose for my next Go-to-Heel.

Have you found your Go-to Heel yet?


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Part II - The LBD

Now that we laid down the basics on how to build your wardrobe, let's dive into the "Must-Have Pieces" that will get you through any given situation - stylewise. One of these wardrobe essentials is - The LBD - aka the little black dress.

The LBD is a short to medium-length black dress with simple cut suitable for almost any occasion. The term (LBD) was coined and first used in 1926 when the American Vogue published a calf-length, straight, black dress made by Coco Chanel. They predicted it would become "sort of a uniform for all women of taste". They guessed right. Through 90 years of ever-changing trends, the LBD has secured its place in fashion as a classic that never runs out of style. Nowadays it is available in virtually every shape and form.


Such a large variety to choose from makes finding your LBD so much easier. The most important thing is that it fits you like a second skin. After that, the style and shape are completely up to you. Once you have found it, it will accompany you through many seasons yet never look the same. The simplicity of the dress leaves you with so much room to make it work for every occasion.

Casual Look

 Here are some other variations on how you can rock your LBD.

Tone on tone

Cashmere Sweater              Ankle Boots                    Coat

Last but certainly not least my version of a evening look.


Evening Look

The Rockstuded Clutch         Sandals           Rose-Gold Cuff          Rose-gold Hoop Earrings

I hope I could give you some ideas. Have you found your LBD yet or are you still searching?


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Part I - Basics

Clothing is a very personal thing, it might take years to find your own unique style. Many factors play a role in how you dress, personal as well as external ones. But one thing I strongly believe, a solid staple of clothes you can always fall back to and feel comfortable in, is a real confident booster for any situation you get thrown in. So over the next weeks, I will show you how to build this kind of wardrobe for yourself. Today we lay down the basics. So let's get started.

1. Don't stress out
To build your wardrobe takes time figuring out what you like, even more importantly what makes you feel good. An easy way to find access to your personal style is to create your personal mood board.
A mood board is basically a modern, more polished version of a collage. You collect images of things you like, that inspire you regarding a specific subject and gather them in one place ( physically or virtually). This is a way to visualise your thoughts and sorting them at the same time.
For your personal style mood board, start looking through magazines, blogs, books, movies, and compile images of styles you like. After a while, take a look at your board and I assure you, you can see a pattern of styles you prefer.


2. To splurge or not to splurge
You don't have to spend a fortune to create a diverse wardrobe. There are things worse the splurge and others are not. A good indicator is the cost-per-wear rule. Meaning a coat for 500 € which you wear for several seasons is a bargain compared to a trendy party dress for 200 € you only wear ones. Investing in garments you wear over and over again are worth the splurge, whereas short-lived items aren't.

3. Exceptions proof the rule
A Wedding Dress is the most obvious exception to what I mentioned under point two. If you apply the cost-per-wear rule, a Wedding Dress is not a smart buy. But it embodies so much more - it creates memories and makes you feel special, making it worth the splurge. So if you feel a certain piece of clothing will do just that for you, go for it because the outcome is much more than just a cost and service allocation.

4. Step outside your comfort zone
Never limit yourself to thinking, I am too old, too small... or this looks good on this person but not on me. We are creatures of habit but I can guarantee you breaking through your style routine can lead to amazing results.
During a shopping trip, I always try on clothes that don't thrill me so much or look peculiar to me. I found some of my favourite and most flattering pieces this way.
In times of online shopping, you can try on new things in the secure environment of your own home without external influence. Take the change and step outside your box.

5. Listen to your gut feeling
Always keep in mind, if you feel comfortable and confident in your wardrobe staples, it's probably the way others feel about it, too. Something that makes you feel good, can't be bad.

That's it for now. Next Friday I will show you some core pieces to build your personal wardrobe around. Make sure to return on Monday for a new post, until then have a great weekend.  


Shades of  Fashion

How to -three  items  one  look

Outfit Variations

I feel that many people shy away from bolder fashion pieces because they believe they can only wear them on special occasions, and therefore they aren't worth the investment. Today I want to show how you can wear such clothing items in different styles to get the most out of it.


Like I mentioned before in several of my blog posts the key to a versatile wardrobe doesn't lay in a huge closet but rather in your ability to mix and match your clothing.  Don't be afraid to mix different fabrics and even patterns. Through combining, you can either downplay or elevate a certain clothing item. Just because you bought it for a formal event, doesn't mean you can't wear it in your everyday life. Below I put together three different looks which all have one thing in common - the same pair of pants.

In this case, the pair of pants is a printed multicoloured jeans with zipper details. These jeans are on the louder side, but I will show you that you can make same work for your day-to-day life.

Monochromatic vibes

To wear these jeans in your working life, I would combine it with pieces in the same colour range. In this way, you tone down the jeans and make it work appropriate.

Playing with textures

In this second look, the rose-coloured sweater with the embellished flowers creates an interesting contrast to the jeans. By combining different colours and textures I created a softer more feminine vibe

Take it up a notch

Combining other bold items with these jeans, like the metallic heels and sweater, make these jeans the perfect match for events like a girls night out.

I hope I could give you some ideas of how to combine your clothes. Would you like to see more of this kind of posts?


Shades of Fashion

How to find the perfect fitted jeans... without trying on

The Perfect Fit

As we all know, finding a new pair of perfect fitted jeans/pants can be annoying and often unsuccessful. Who hasn't returned home empty-handed from a shopping trip because you didn't find a single pair of fitting jeans/ pants? But hold on ... help is on the way.


After reading this post, you will never feel frustrated again because the pants you trying on can't be zipped or got stuck half-way on your thigh. On top of that, you don't even have to use a dressing room.

Image: TheyAllHateUS

Here's what you have to do: take the pants of your choice, zip them, then fold the waistband around your neck and if the ends of the waistband meet in the front, the pants fit you.


Tipp: For a loose fit, the ends of the waistband must overlap. For a skinny fit, the slight touch of the ends is enough.

Believe me, this works. I have related on this trick over and over again. To make sure I am not fooling you, take a pair out of your closet and go for it.

Let me know if you tried it.


Shades of Fashion

My Fashion favourite looks of the Met Ball 2016

Fashion Highlights

Watching red carpet events is one of my favourite things to do. I love to get inspired by all the different fashion, makeup and hair looks. Last Monday one of the most important red carpet events of the year took place - the Met Ball 2016. The Met Ball is the closing event for the annual costume exhibition of the Met`s Costume Institute and beforehand celebrities, designer and fashion influencer walk the red carpet to flaunt the newest creations.


Every Met Ball comes with a theme which goes hand in hand with the exhibition. This year's theme was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology." The exhibit focused on the dichotomy between handmade haute couture and machine-made fashion. It showed over 100 garments; showcasing ready-to-wear, as well as haute couture, looks. The exposition pieces included handmade items but also designs which embraced new technology like laser cutting, 3D print or thermo shaping. Therefore, the theme created a large latitude concerning the dress code for the Met Ball. Here are my favourite looks of the night.

Zendaya wore a custom Michael Kors gown. This dress embodied the theme perfectly. The fabric choice looked like a second more perfect skin, creating a futuristic "from another world" appearance.

Beyonce wore a latex Givenchy gown embellished with pearls. It captured the theme, by combining technology (latex) with a natural element (pearls).

Zoe Salanda`s Dolce&Gabbana was probably my absolute favourite look. The bottom part of her dress was the eye-catcher of the evening. What I liked most about her dress was the fact, that she didn`t get on the futuristic-style bandwagon, and interpreted the theme in her own way by wearing a classic princess`s gown in a modern twist.

On Monday, I'll show you my favourite hair and makeup looks of the night. So don`t forget to come back and check it out. But for now, what was your favourite look of the evening? Please comment below.


Shades of Fashion

This  Year's Oscars Fashion

- The Oscars 2016 -

Every year I am looking forward to The Oscars, I fill out a voting sheet so that I can check how many of my favourites actually won. Besides, the ceremony I really love to watch the Red Carpet Show. I like to get inspired by the makeups, hairstyles and, of course, the dresses.  On that note, I want to share with you, my favourite look of the evening and the most disappointing one.



Rachel McAdams in this emerald green halter-neck gown by August Getty Atelier was by far my favourite dress at The 2016 Oscars. It was sophisticated, yet the right amount of sexy with the low-cut back and the daring side view. Thanks to the train, it looked beautiful both in picture and movement For me, this is a timeless dress that highly likely save a spot in my all-time favourite oscar dresses.


I have to say because Heidi Klum is a model who works in fashion for over a decade and even hosts a fashion design show for many seasons, I expected better, much better. Besides the fact that this dress looks like it was made out of some leftover fabric remnants from the last season of Project Runway, this dress does nothing for her body. And we all know she is in great shape. But everyone makes wrong choices and there is always a new Red Carpet around the corner...I bet next time we see her in the best-dressed list again.

Who was on your Best-/Worst-dressed list?


Shades of Fashion

The Perfect Shade of Nude

-The perfect Nude Dress -

I believe I have found my nude dream dress and here it is.

I`m not a huge Nude Dress fan, definitely not on myself, and I can hardly remember to be taken by a Nude Dress on everyone else, but there is a first time for everything...Blake Lively in this Nude Dress is everything and for the first time ever I want a Nude Dress...okay I want this dress.

What about you?