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#HairpsprayHacks Part II

Unexpected uses for hairspray 

Hey my lovelies, thanks for the feedback on my Hairspray Hacks and sending me your Hairspray Hacks. Here are three of the Tricks you send me. 


1. Stain Remover

I haven't tried out this one yet, but I will for sure.  According to one of my lovely readers, hairspray works like a charm to remove makeup stains or permanent markers.  

All you have to do is spray hairspray over the stain, wait for 30 seconds and then take a dry cloth and wipe the stain out of your garment. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.


I´ll keep you updated if it worked for me.

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2. Stop your zipper from slipping

When you have a zipper that doesn't want to stay up, just sprinkle hairspray on it before you close your fly, and the zipper will stay in a place.


3. Stop shoelaces from untying

For this hack, you apply the hairspray after you fasten your shoes. This way the hairspray will hold your shoelaces up all day.


If you have any other style hacks not just hairspray ones, please leave a comment or send me an email. I love learning new things and interacting with you. Have a nice weekend.


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How to prevent your skirt from riding up

Hey my dears, sorry for not posting on Friday and Monday, as usual. I had some technical problems. It took me almost a week to solve them, but now I'm back with a new Style Trick.

A while ago I had to wait in the queue of my post office for almost 20 minutes. My cell phone battery was low, and I was all by myself, so I listened, some may say eavesdropped, on the conversation of the to women in front of me.


One complimented the other on her skirt while at the same time asking if her skirt doesn't ride up her thighs. She said she shies away from wearing tight skirts because of the "riding-up-the-thighs- problem".

 And the answer of the other woman and my Style Trick for today is Hairspray.

Image: Pinterest

Here's how it goes...

Just put a thin layer of hairspray over your legs and the top of your thighs.  That way the skirt will stay in place all day long.  Of course, you only have to spray the parts of your legs that are covered by the skirt. Oh, and it also works for dresses.

Simple but ingenious, don't you think? Did you already know about this hairspray trick or do you know any other ones? Please leave a comment below.


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#How to prevent blisters 

With the summer bare feet in shoes are coming and with it unfortunately blisters. 

For many years, with the start of summer, I had to deal with blisters before my bare feet got accustomed to walking around in sandals without socks. Until someone told me an easy and cheap way to prevent blisters in the first place.

Baby Powder... Yes, once again Baby Powder is a practical helper in everyday life. All you have to do is to sprinkle the powder everywhere on your feet where usually experience chafing.  By doing so, the Baby Powder eliminates the friction of your skin rubbing against your shoes.  This way your feet will stay blister free.


Do you know another trick to prevent blisters?


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- How to fix a zipper without sewing -

You probably all have those jeans which fit like a glove, but over time the zipper constantly keeps falling down. 


I have a simple trick how you can fix this problem without the replacing the zipper or the need to sew just one stitch.


All you need is a key ring.





       1. All you need is a key ring.




2. Take this key ring and loop it through your zipper.





3. Pull up the zipper with the key ring.





4. Now loop the key ring over the button of your              pants.





5. Finally, button your jeans.

Et voilà you zipper stays up the whole day. As you can see in the third picture, the key ring is absolutely invisible to the eye. If you don't share this Style Trick, no one will notice it.


Did you know the trick?


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 - Why you should shave your knitwear -

I love my cosy knits for the cold season, but the one thing I can't stand about knitwear is the pilling. You know this tiny wool knots that emerge on your knits every time you wear them and instantly cheapen your look.

To keep my knitwear in top shape and pilling free I shave it.Yes, you have read correctly. I take a disposable razor and shave off all the pilling...



...and in about 10 minutes my knitwear looks brand new. It sounds too simple to be true or not? But I promise you it works like a charm.


Let me know if you tried it out.


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- The V-neck trick -

My trick to look slimmer in an instant is to wear Vertical Necklines aka V-necks. Here is why. 

A V-Neckline elongates your frame, neck, and thus the face. Such a Neckline gives the illusion of height and thereby slims down larger torsos. 

It creates a long line which puts the focus on the peak of the V and everything outside this point gets visually drawn in. Wider shoulders appear narrower and larger busts smaller.

With the visual focus on the peak of the V your neck also looks longer and leaner. The same goes for your face, even double chins, are less prominent.

I hope this was helpful.


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- How to fix nicks in your heels -

Today's post is a follow-up post on my last Style Trick in June where I told you how to prevent your heels from getting scuffed. This time I will share with you, my heel saving trick for already nicked heels. I got it from my sister, and she got it from straight from the horse's mouth - her cobbler. 

So, in order to get your heels fixed all you need is your hair dryer and a little bit of time.

Then take your nicked heels and heat the damaged leather of your heels with the hair dryer at the highest level. You have to blow dry your heels until the leather is getting soft and movable. At this point, you can smooth out the nicks with your hands until they become almost invisible. To seal the result paint your heels with one or two coats of clear nail polish. 


You may have to repeat the heating and smooth out procedure depending on how damaged your heels are, but it's worth the effort. Afterwards, your heels are almost as good as new. 


As you can see in the picture below the repaired heel looks nearly the same as the unscathed one. Only a close look could make the differences visible.

Unfortunately, I don't have a before image because, to my shame, I have to admit, I didn't believe the trick would work. So, I didn't bother to take a before pic. Well, I was proved wrong.

Do you know any other heel tricks? Please let me know in the comment section below.


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- How to avoid nicks in your heels -

You probably all have experienced a situation like this, you wear a new pair of heels, and then cobblestone pavements, floor grills or gully covers cross your way, and within seconds new heels are scuffed. Frustrating isn't it?

I don't know how many heels I ruined until someone told me about this heel-saving trick.

All you need is a clear nail polish and instead of painting your nails, cover your heels with at least one coat of it. I normally go for a second layer just to be safe. By doing so, you create a protective layer around your heels. 


So the next time you get stuck in an uneven pavement, only the nail polish coat gets nicked instead of your heelsThis heel-saving trick has prolonged the life of many of my heels, that why I needed to share it with all of you.


Did you already know the trick?


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- Style Tricks to streamline your wardrobe- 

Here comes another Style Trick for you. Like the last time, this Style Trick focuses on how to shred some pounds in an instant just by wearing the right piece of clothing.


So for all of you who are very top heavy (aka bigger boobs/some weight around your tummy) or you just want to look a little bit leaner and taller, I suggest adding a Kimono Jacket to your wardrobe.


The great thing about a Kimono Jacket is it falls loosely over your upper body and therefore hides the extra weight you carry on your top part. Furthermore, all Kimono Jackets have straight lapels, meaning the go straight down your upper body, this streamlines and slims down your figure. The Kimono Jacket also works if you have a shorter torso because the straight lapels create the optical illusion of a longer torso.


Here are some Kimono Jackets I love.

A Kimono Jacket is also a great replacement for a blazer. It comes in so many patterns and textiles you'll find one for every occasion.

If you have any suggestions or request what I should cover next on Style Tricks, please let me know in the comments down below.


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- Wear this pattern to look slimmer in an instant -

After reading your comments and emails over the last months, I noticed many of you would love to know how to avoid bad buys. After several failed attempts, I came to the decision that instead of  writing one lengthy post I start a new series - Style Tricks


With Style Tricks I will share some tips and tricks to prevent you from bad buys in the future. 


We all have those days where we don't feel our best (body-wise), but the right clothes can fight this feeling. An easy way to shred some pounds in no time, without dieting or exercising, is wearing a Chevron pattern.



A Chevron pattern has the shape of a V or an inverted V.


The great thing about this pattern is, it creates an optical illusion. The V pattern draws the attention to the center of your body.  With the focus on the peak of the V in the middle of your body, you instantly look much leaner. It also gives you an hourglass figure even if you don't have one.


Here are some examples of clothing with a Chevron pattern.

Tip: It does not always have to be an actual V. Embroidery, different textiles, embellishments, just every pattern that forms a chevron has the same effect. 



So if you have one of those days where you don't feel your best (body-wise), put on a Chevron piece.


Let me know what you think about my new series in the comments down below.



See you soon