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Neon Turtlenecks

#NeonTurtlenecks #WinterTrends #Trending

Are you already switching your closet content from summer to winter? Hold on there are clothes from your summer wardrobe you can wear again this winter...

the neon pieces. A huge trend for the upcoming fall/ winter season is neon turtlenecks. You combine them with black or nude as a standout piece or wear two different contrasting neon colours to be the centre of attention every time you enter a room.


Anyways, this means the neon trend is going nowhere this fall/winter. You don't even have to buy a neon turtleneck, you can also transfer your neon summer pieces into the cold season. Just layer them with your winter clothing to make them freeze-proof. 


Here are some looks to give you some inspiration on how to wear neon this fall/ winter season.

All images in this post: Pinterest

I will definitely lookout for a neon turtleneck. In fact, I already added some other neon pieces to my fall/winter wardrobe. I think it is a great way to brighten up my winter wardrobe. So expect some bright looks this cold season.


Do you like neon colours in your wardrobe?


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Belts for Fall/winter 2019/20

#BeltTrend #WaistBelt #MetallicBelt #SmallBelts #BagBelts

I got some questions via Instagram and email regarding the belt trend I mentioned in my last outfit post. I thought the best way to answer them all is a dedicated post to the belt trend.

You can do nothing wrong with a belt this fall/ winter season. You can wear them all from small belts, big waist belts, metal belts, chain belts, western belts to the bag belt, you can do nothing wrong.


A big trend on the runways was the belted blazer. Or a belt on top of winter jackets and coats.  If this is to bolt for you, try a western belt combined with your favourite high waisted jeans. You can also accessories a winter dress or your favourite chunky sweater with a waist belt.


To give you some inspiration on how to style the belt trend I put together a mood board of looks I like. Of course, I will incorporate the belt trend in my outfit posts throughout the upcoming season.

All Images: Pinterest

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Trend Alert

- Mobile Phone Style -

#MobilePhoneNecklace #MobilePhoneCrossBodyBag #MobilePhoneWallet

For me, it was only a matter of time until the fashion industry discovered the mobile phone as a fashion item, and I have the feeling they are slowly tapping a foot into the mobile phone market.

While scrolling through Pinterest over the last weeks, I couldn't help but notice that the "mobile phone necklace/ crossbody wallet/ bag seems to be an emerging trend. 

All images in this post: Pinterest

I probably skip the simple necklace version, because most of the time the necklace is only a simple cord instead of a chain and besides that, I neither like this robe style nor am I willing to pay at least 20 for it. 


The crossbody wallet/ bag style, on the other hand, I like a lot.  I am aiming for a version with a clear window to use my phone at any time.

So far, I am still searching as I haven't found the perfect combination of style and usability.


Do you like this latest trend?


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Trend Alert


Like I told you a few posts ago, I am currently adding some new pieces to my wardrobe, and very high on my must-have list are flat platform sandals

Due to the 90ies trend still going strong, the chunky shoe style also doesn't go anywhere. And for this summer flat platform sandals trending. I personally love the version with lace-up details because they add some lightness to the solid soles. Also, I have to find a middle ground between my love for high heels and walking around with sandals heavier as a brick, considering the platform height-shoe weight effect.


That said, a chunky pair of shoes can have a slimming effect on the rest of the look as everything else appears tinier compared to the footwear. So, you can expect to see some flat platform sandals in my upcoming looks. Until then, here are some flat platform sandals styles.

All Images including the head image: Pinterest

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Hallo zusammen, as the mid-season sales are taking over more and more stores, I thought it might be a good time to share with you one of the top trends for Spring/Summer 2019...

Neon Colours, so that you might get a good bargain on Neon pieces in the sale. Yes, another trend from the eighties is reemerging. I love this trend. It is an easy way to trend up some basic clothes from the closet. I especially love the combo of a Neon Colour with black. But you have to be prepared to get some attention in Neon Colours.  If you're are not quite ready for so much attention, I would start with a neon-coloured bag or a pair of sandals and then work your way up to a shirt or even a dress.


Here are some inspirations on how to wear the Neon Colour Trend.

All Images in this post: Pinterest

Do you love this trend as much as I do or will you pass on it?


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Trend Alert

#BikerShorts #CyclingShorts


Hello, my dears  I saw the first pair of #BikerShorts or #CyclingShorts on the Saint Laurent runway at the end of 2017 and my reaction was really?

#BikerShorts not as workout clothes but as a "fashion" must-have? 

#BikerShorts had their first big fashion moment back in the eighties. Style icons like the late Lady Diana and Madonna wore them back then.

Well, my enthusiasm remained very limited. However, over the last year, I saw many pictures of celebrities wearing #CyclingShorts in different ways. Casually with dads sneakers and a sweater, sexy with a head to knee fitting look or the "fashion way" styled with a blazer. 

All Images in this post: Pinterest

So admittedly through the course of the last year, my initial feeling of total rejection changed into a maybe "I should try it" mood. Especially the blazer #BikerShorts combination has grown on me quite a bit. In fact, so much I will at least try on some pairs to see if I like the look on myself.


How do you feel about this trend? Will you try or pass it?


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Trend Alert

Pantone Colour of the Year 2019

#LivingCoral #Pantone #ColourOfTheYear

No this is not the first outfit post of the year but my annual Pantone's colour of the year post. Unlike last year I am in love with the new"colour of the year" and this colour is...

"Living coral" PANTONE 16-1546.

"Living Coral" is a coral hue with a golden undertone. According to their release statement, it is animating and life-affirming hue that energises and enlivens with a softer edge. It represents the fusion of the digital world and our natural environment.  You can find their full statement for the choice here.

I think it is a wonderful choice as the colour is more versatile than the purple hue last year because Corals are less daring.

By incorporating a coral hue into your winter wardrobe or makeup spring comes a little earlier to you.


I will be dedicating a fashion and a makeup post to Living Coral in the upcoming weeks to give you some inspiration to rock this shade.


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Accessories Trends Fall/Winter 2018/19

#Accessories #FallWinter #Trending

All Images: Pinterest

Like promised, here comes my accessories trend report for this fall/winter season.

I have to say unlike some other season before I got really hooked on some of the trends immediately.

Earrings Galore



I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I don't leave the house without earrings, so this trend is right up my alley. This season, you earrings can't be big enough. You either wear a single one or a mismatched pair and in case of doubt go for a pair of hoop earrings. 

Cuff it on




Another Jewellery Trend for this season is the cuff. You can wear a sleek one, or if you don't mind some attention, you can wear a bolder sculptural piece.

Give me Gloves 



Gloves are a big trend this season. Especially gloves that extend to the elbow. Colour-wise nothing is off limits.

A Walk on the Wild Side



As in clothing animal prints are also a huge trend for footwear. It doesn't matter which animal print as long as you wear one pair of it.

Sneaky Ways



The second major shoe trend for this season is sneakers. The chunkier the better. 

Wild Wild West



If the last two shoe trends weren't your cup of tea, maybe the Cowboy Boots trend is yours. This season you can wear them with everything not only jeans.

Go big or go home



For those of you who carry around a complete household in your handbag, the supersize bag trend will make you happy. This fall/winter your bag can't be big enough.

Belt it on



Belts are another huge thing this season. They come as a wide waist belt, in western styles or you wear your bag on a belt.


What is your favourite accessory trend for this season? Tell me in the comments section below.


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Colour Trends Fall/Winter 2018/19

#ColourTrends #FallWinter

All Images: Pinterest

As promised in last weeks post, I put together the colour trends for fall/winter 2018.  

You wonder who decides which colours are the colours of the season? It is the Pantone Color Institute in New York.

The Pantone Color Institute in New York is the "colour picker" for the fashion industry. Every autumn the Pantone Color Institute does not only reveal the next "colour of the year", but they also release the "hottest colour range " four times a year.

So, without further ado, here are the colours the Pantone Institute picked for this fall/winter season.

Winter Greens




Also, you don't get to see much green in nature during the cold season. This year you make up for it by wearing an olive green coat or if you like cooler colours go for a green with a blue undertone.

Pinks, Reds and Purples



Reds, Pinks and Purples come in many different shades this season, from bright to more softer tones, everyone will find a match. My favourite shade is the soft rose tone.


Brown is the new Black





This season brown, earthy colours make a comeback from rusty to rich browns there is definitely a brown-tone for you.

I'm feeling Blue





Like most colours, this season blue comes in various shades from more muted to bright blue.

The New Nude




With all the bright colours there have to be some neutrals, too. For fall/winter 2018 the nudes are on the creamier more pastel side. 

So, these are the main colour trends for the upcoming season. If you want to know the correct name of each colour click here, this is the link to the Pantone's colour selection for fall/winter 2018/19.


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Fall/Winter Fashion Trends 2018/19


All Images: Pinterest

With the calendric autumn starting yesterday, there is no time to waste to get the wardrobe ready for the coming fall/winter season. As always I share with you the most important trends for the season. 

So let's get started:

1. Animal Prints




Animal Prints is one of the trends, that is here to stay. This season it comes from leopard to zebra prints and in every colour, you can imagine.

2. Check, Plaids, Tartans




Yes, this trend is also around for a few seasons. Like the Animal Print trend, you wear your checks in bright shades. Think 70s plaids.

3. Cowgirl 




One of my favourite trends this season is the Western trend because it means Maxi Dresses are back in everyday fashion. Of course, you can also go for a western-style shirt and some pants.


4. Leather



Another big trend for this season is leather. From the seventies inspired leather dresses and skirts to high shine patent leather looks, leather is a must-have fabric of the season.


5. Capes




In terms of outerwear, capes make a comeback this fall/winter. Style-wise you can go from western to more sophisticated cape looks.

6. Silver Metallic



Like Animal Print and Plaids, Metallic shades are going nowhere this season, especially silver. You can wear single pieces or a head-to-toe silver look.

7. Logo Mania



If you purchased a logo sweater last season, you'll be happy to hear they are still en vogue this season. Like other trends, the Logo-Mania one evolved. Now it is not only limited to sweaters. Instead, you can show off your logo on every piece of clothing or accessory you want to.


8. Silk



Besides leather, Silk is the other must-have fabric for fall/winter. You can go for scarf-print inspired looks or for a solid colour.

9. Pleats, Pleats, Pleats



If you like more feminine styles,  Pleats are for you. It doesn't matter which fabric as long as your dress or skirt has pleats.

These are the main trends for fall/winter 2018/19.  I didn't include the floral dress trend nor the eighties trend because they have been around for a few seasons now. Meaning, you can still wear your floral prints and big shoulder pieces. Of course, they are also accessories and colour trends. I will cover them in a separate post to avoid an overload of information.


Which Trend to you like the most?


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Trend Alert Spring /Summer 2018


I finish my Trend Alert series for Spring/Summer 2018 not with a single piece of clothing or fabric but with a whole decade...the 80s.

Yes, all the Dallas and Dynasty looks are back in the game. From big shoulders, puffy sleeves, high waist jeans, waist belts, fanny packs, power suits to even cycling shorts, the 80s silhouette takes the spotlight again. 

While I love high waisted jeans and puffy sleeve especially on a hoodie a sweater to create a contrast, I am not so sure how I feel about the return of the shoulder pads and cycling shorts. I think I have to try on a few pieces to see if this trend works for me.


To get your and myself accustomed to the 80s silhouette, here are some runway and street looks, rocking this trend.


Runway Styles

Street Styles

All Images: Pinterest

What is your favourite Spring/Summer 2018 trend? Which one will you pass on?


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Trend Alert Spring/Summer 2018


After the high impact Sequins Trend from last Monday, I bring you a more modest but still chic trend...Polka Dots.

The Polka Dot fabric was seen all over the runways for SS 2018. In the classic black and white colour scheme as well as in every other shade range you can imagine. Size-wise you could find every dot size you can imagine, from tiny to oversized. 

I love this trend because it puts a playful twist on every garment. Even better you can start slow with some Polka Dots heels, then maybe go a little bit more daring with a sweater, and work your way up to a complete Polka Dot look. Oh, and if you want to go all in, mix and match a Polka Dot piece with another print like many fashion show visitors did.

Besides the mix and match looks, I love the Polka Dot looks the most which play with different dot sizes.


Here are some of my favourite looks from the runway and of course some street styles.


Runway Styles

Street Styles

All Images: Pinterest

Are you into this trend?


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Trend Alert Spring/Summer 2018


Slowly but surely the SS 2018 Trend Alert is coming to an end. Today`s trend is a personal favourite of mine...Sequins.

Yes, the shiny little discs are back in fashion, not only for evening wear. This time you can find Sequins everywhere from every piece of clothing you can imagine to shoes to accessories. For the spring/summer season Sequins are wearable for every occasion. 

For me, this means, I can wear all my Sequins clothes, and they finally see the daylight, but I will for sure add at least one new Sequins piece to my wardrobe. So, keep an eye out for my outfit post each Wednesday. You'll definitely see some looks incorporating Sequins


To give you an idea on how to wear Sequins this spring/summer season here are some runway and street looks.


Runway Styles

Street Styles

All Images: Pinterest

Do you like the Sequins trend?


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Spring/summer Fashion Trends 2018


As many of my longtime readers know, I usually dedicate a post to the Oscar fashion every year. 

However, this year I found the dresses pretty underwhelming. Sure, there were some nice looks, for example, Gina Rodriguez, Helen Mirren and Lupita Nyong’o, but there were just nice.  I couldn't pick at least three looks that knocked me off my feed, everything was so la-la. So, I decided to skip my Oscar dedicated post due to the lack of fabulous fashion, to continue with my spring/summer 2018 Trend Alert to get your wardrobe ready for the new season.


For all you denim lovers out there don't fear denim is here to stay. The latest denim trend is Dark Denim. You can wear it head to toe like some designers showed on their runways or just single pieces. The clean look of the Dark Denim makes it more sophisticated and therefore more wearable for your 9 to 5 office job. Oh, and Dark Denim has an instant slimming effect, so you don't have to worry that this trend doesn't work for you.


To get you into the groove of Dark Denim here are some runway and street styles rocking this trend.


Runway Styles

Street Styles

All Images: Pinterest

What do you think?


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Spring/Summer Fashion trends 2018


Here comes another spring/summer trend... Fringing.

The Fringing Trend is one of those trends which has something to offer for everyone from the average fashion consumer to the fashionista because fringing is not limited to clothing only. 


If you are not ready for a head to toe fringe look, you can warm up to this trend by wearing a bag with fringes or some tassel earrings. This season you will find your level of fringing, for sure.


I personally love this trend, because it works for the day as well as the evening look. Even better, you don't have to spend a cent on this trend you can simply DIY. Just fringe the hem of a pair of jeans or a t-shirt and you're rocking the latest fashion trend.


To give you some inspiration here are some runway as well as street style looks.


Runway Styles

Street Styles

All images: Pinterest

So, will you add some fringe pieces to your wardrobe?


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Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018

#Sheer #Transparent #Exposure

Today's trend is for all the fashion risk-takers, who not afraid to show what they got. 

Transparency, Sheerness or Exposure, however, you wanna call it is a big thing for the upcoming season.

On the runways, sheer skirts and dresses revealed the panties. Some designer replaced the panties with biker shorts, but nevertheless, you had the full view of what laid beneath. This is for sure not the appropriate attire for your 9 to 5 job, but if you like to take a fashion risk you could wear it for a night out. Another option is wearing several layers of sheer fabric so that you still have the sheerness effect, but without exposing your briefs.


I would go for the third option because it is actually suitable for daily use. As always here are some runway and street style looks of the Transparency Trend.


Runway Styles


Street Styles

All Images: Pinterest

Will you go for it?


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Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018


For the next trend, some of you can raid their closets. All you need is a Trenchcoat.

The Trenchcoat was a key piece in almost every runway show but never worn in the traditional way. Some designers deconstructed the Trenchcoat others showed the Trenchcoat as a dress, and others played with colours or embroidery.


So get creative. Take you Trenchcoat and pimp it. The only rule you have to follow is: Don't hold back!


To give you some inspiration, here are some runway and street style looks for the Trenchcoat Trend.


Runway Style


Street Style

All Images; Pinterest

Will you pimp your Trenchcoat?


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Accessory Trend Spring/Summer 2018


After some clothing trends, I thought it is time to sneak in an accessory trend because what is a look without the right accessory.

Therefore, I start my accessory trend report with the one I can't live without. It pops up in my outfit posts every week, I never leave the house without and I have a back up in my car, just in case. Can you guess what it is?


Sunglasses... and the shape of the upcoming season is the Cat Eye.


Extra Info


Cat eye glasses have an up-sweep at the outer edges at the point where the temples or arms join the frame front. They first rose to fame in the 1950s and 1960s.

So, like the other trends, I showed you before, this one has been in and out fashion for the last 60 years. 

This time around the cat-eye sunglasses come in all kind of variations from oversized to small but extremely sharp cat eyes or a rectangular cat-eye frame.


As you can see, there is a variation for everyone. I highly recommend giving the cat-eye shape a try because it elongates the face beautifully and gives a little lift. So you look more youthful in an instant.


As always here are some runway and street style looks for this trend.


Runway Styles

Street Style

All Images: Pinterest

Do you like this trend as much as I do?


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Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2018


I am back, with another major fashion trend for the upcoming Spring/Summer season... Pink and Red.

I know what you are thinking, the trend is another old hat, but like the ice cream colours trend, this one also comes with a twist. Instead of wearing the colours on their own you wear them together.  

Yes, once again we have to embrace the new. While you and I grew up with the rule wearing pink and red together is a fashion faux pas, this colour combo is now the it-couple of the season. To convince you to give this trend a try, I put together some runway as well as street style looks.


Runway Styles


Street Styles

All Images: Pinterest

Convinced? I am. Red and pink are favourite colours of mine, so keep an eye out for a red-pink outfit post in the upcoming weeks.


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Trend Alert

- Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2018 -

Did you already clear your closets to make room for the new Spring/Summer Fashion Trends or are you still hesitating, because you don't know what fashion trends are coming? 

Well, I will change that over the next weeks by posting the latest Fashion Trends for the upcoming season here on my blog. For all you neutral girls you have to step outside your comfort zone because colours are a big theme for the for the upcoming fashion season. 


A major trend will be pastel hues also known as ice cream colours. Yes, I know those hues have made some appearances in the past, but this time you wear them with a twist. You either wear one pastel colour from head to toe, or you pile them on top of each other like scoops of ice cream. To get a visual of what I am talking about, I put together some runway looks.

head to toe styles

mixed styles

Oh, and here are some street style versions of the pastel trend as you can see this trend is wearable in your everyday life.

street style

All images: Pinterest

Do you like this trend?


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Trend Alert

- What not to wear in 2018 -

All Images: Pinterest

As over the last two years, I will share with you the Spring/Summer Fashion Trends for 2018 during the next weeks. 

To shop this season's new trends, we all need some closet space. So, I thought it would be a good idea to start the Trend Alert series for Spring/Summer 2018 with those trends that should stay in the past aka 2017. This way we all get the much-needed space in our wardrobes for the fashion trends of 2018.


Here we go... let's start with the accessory section. 

1. Chokers



I was a huge fan of the Choker Trend for the last two years. Although  I have to say for the last few months or so I didn't reach for my choker necklaces as much I used to anymore. A good indication that I am over this trend. So, bye bye Choker until the next time.

2. Corset Belts



The next piece that has to leave is the Corset Belt

This one doesn't cause huge parting pains for me. I loved the look on other people. Nevertheless, I never got my hands on a Corset Belt I loved. So moving on from this one won't be a problem for me.

3. Off-the-shoulder Necklines




Also, a no-go for Spring/Summer 2018 are the off-the shoulder-necklines

Honestly, this one is a bummer for me. I loved this trend I have several off-the-shoulder summer top from the last two years I wore none stop. So the wrench is real.

Which trend are you sad to leave behind?


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Trend Alert


Every time I watch an 80s or early 90s movie and see a character wearing white socks, I feel a sense of relief that this trend has passed away. So, I thought.

But browsing through the latest fashion trends online, on Instagram, Pinterest and through the pages of Influencer like Chiara Ferragni proved me wrong. There is no mistaking the "sock" is back.

Yes, the good old white tennis sock is back. This time in the improved version with a big designer logo on it. Style-wise they are worn in pumps, heeled sandals or sneakers. For the sneakers version, it is important to roll up the hem, so that the "socks" are on full display.

This "socks trend" also includes eye-catching versions with glitter, bright colours as well as bright patterned ones. They are worn the same way as their big brother the tennis sock.


Below I put together a mood board of the "socks" trend to give you a visual of it.

Images: Pinterest

What do you think will you give this trend a try?

Speaking for myself, I am not sure. I just grew up with the fashion mantra that socks in sandals are a no-go. Then again, nothing stays the same forever. Also, while putting together today's mood board I have to confess, some of the looks weren't that appalling to my eyes as I expected.

Right now I am contemplating to try the socks trend by wearing glitter ones with sneakers and cropped Mom jeans to see if the look grows on me. If so, I might even try the socks in sandals look, maybe.


If I give the trend a try, I am for sure sharing the look with you on here. What do you think should I give the socks trend a try?


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Trend Alert

- Pantone's colour of the year 2018 -

Last weekend brought the first snow and Pantone's Color of the year 2018. Drum-roll....

...the Color of the Year 2018 is PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. She went on explaining, that our time requires inventiveness and imagination, which the blue-based purple can deliver by taking our awareness and potential to a higher level.


While I love the "future/visionary" aspect of the colour choice, I have to admit the colour itself is not my cup of tea.

Yes, I love a violet eye-shadow to make my green eyes pop, but that's about it with me and the colour violet. I can't picture myself wearing a purple coat or sweater. However, never say never maybe the colour grows on me as I will see it repeatedly in 2018.


Anyways, I searched the web for some fashion/beauty related items in Ultra Violet, this is what I found so far.

Okay, I could warm up to the light violet version... maybe. What about you? Are you excited about Pantone's colour choice for the year 2018?


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Trend Alert

- Belted Coats, Wide Belts, Chocolate Brown, Mid-Length Skirts and Florals -

To round up my Trend Alert Series, I put together the other major trends for fall/winter 2017/18.

If you bought a floral dress for summer, combine it with a knitted cardigan and some knee-high boots because floral prints are still a thing for the cold season. The same goes for your mid-length skirt they are also here to stay.


Good news, although it is the cold season you don't have to look like a giant teddy bear in your winter coat. This season your wear your coat with a belt so you can still show off your summer body. Oh, and you don't only belt your winter coat but also your sweaters, blouses, blazers and everything else you can wear with a wide belt. Therefore, you might want to invest in a wide belt or two for this fall/winter season.


Below you can see my favourite looks rocking one of these trends.


All Images: Pinterest

What is your favourite fall/winter trend?


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Trend Alert

- Metallic Silver -

My Trend Alert Series for fall/winter 2017/18 is almost coming to an end. One of my favourite trends for this season is the Metallic Silver one.

I love it because clothing or shoes in Metallic Silver are very versatile. Combined with some knitwear a Metallic Silver skirt is a great option for your work life, for the after hours I would change the cosy knit for a silky camisole. 

Likewise, a Metallic Silver heeled boots look great with a party outfit but also with jeans and a sweater. Oh, and of course Metallic Silver clothing is a great option for the looming Christmas season.

As you can see, the options to incorporate Metallic Silver into your wardrobe are diverse.


Here are some of my favourite street style looks.

All Images: Pinterest

Do you like the Metallic Silver Trend?


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Trend Alert

- Shearling Jackets, Coats and Vest -

If you are on the search for a new winter coat or jacket, consider a Shearling piece. 

Shearling coats, jackets and vest were all over the runway. I love that a Shearling piece, not only looks stylish but also keeps me warm. Furthermore, you can get a Shearling jacket at any budget. Granted, at the lower price range it is fake Shearling, but I already spotted some great pieces for an affordable price.


Here are some of my favourite styles

All Images: Pinterest

Will you add a Shearling piece to your wardrobe this season? 


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Trend Alert

- Check my style -

Here comes another round of Trend Alert. Today's fashion trend for fall/winter 2017/18 is also not new to the fashion scene. It's a pattern called Check or Plaid.

Unlike the last times, Check now comes in every version you can imagine from jackets, coats, pants to an evening gown. So, there is a Check Style for everyone.


So here are some of my favourite streetstyles as well as runway looks.

All Images: Pinterest

What do you think about this trend?


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Trend Alert

- Corduroy -

I already introduced some trends for the upcoming fall/winter season... the colour Red, glitter boots, and fanny packs. To give you a complete overview of what to shop and what not, I will post the major trends of the upcoming season here on my blog. So, let's get started. This fall/winter season has a lot different style and textures to offer. Straight from the 70s into the here and now... Corduroy.

Frankly, I thought Corduroy is not the easiest fabric to style. It is on the stiffer side, so it doesn't flow around the body to maybe hide some bumps. For me, it screamed more grandpa than anything else. However, after looking through some runway pictures I was proved wrong. I love the colour range Corduroy comes in from burgundy, chestnut, canary yellow to rose shades. Furthermore, I feel the fabric looks more refined and less bulky than it used to. Therefore the looks feel more modern, at least to me.


Here are some of my favourite Corduroy looks.

Images all Pinterest

Corduroy is a thick cotton fabric with velvety ribs.

Do you like the Trend? I am starting to get excited about Corduroy. So, you might see a Corduroy piece in my Outfits Section during the next months.


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Trend Alert

- Fanny Packs... to do or not to do, that is the question -

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. The fashion no-go for the last two decades is back... The Fanny Pack.

I already saw some celebrities like Rhianna or Kendall Jenner wearing a Fanny Pack a few month ago, but I just couldn't believe this fashion accessory would make a style comeback. Boy, was I wrong. Several designers like Alexander Wang and Nina Ricci showcased them in their Fall/Winter 2017/18 runway shows.


So it's official the Fanny Pack is back.

All Images: Pinterest

This time the Fanny Pack comes in different shapes, sizes and the way you wear them varies, too. From loosely over the shoulder, as a belt replacement to hanging down a belt, to name the most popular options.


To be honest, right now, I am not completely sold on this trend. Although, while writing this post and searching for picture proof, I found some styles I could get used to.


What do you think about the return of the Fanny Pack? Would you wear one?


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Trend Alert

- The Trend Colour for Fall/Winter 2017/18

In fashion, every new season brings a new must-have colour. Some of these colours are not always the ones I reach for but for the upcoming fall/winter season, one of my favourite hues made the cut for the must-have colour of the season - Red.

What better colour to warm up the cold season than Red? It brings some needed colour to this dark season. The options to wear Red are endless from single pieces to a monochrome Red look.

So I am really looking forward to adding some new Red pieces to my wardrobe. 


Below I put together some of my favourite Red designer looks.

Will you incorporate Red into your wardrobe this fall/winter season?


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- Logo Shirts-

Image: Pinterest

Okay, I must admit the Logo Shirt Trend already popped up sometime last year, but I find the Trend really picked up steam this year and I am digging it.

Yes, the Trend is a 90s revival like many fashion trends at the moment, but from my point of view, it is very different at the same time. In fact, I find the revival of the Logo Shirt Trend is much more refined. As far as I remember, the first time around the Logo Print only came on very basic shirts and sweaters. While this time, the styles are more stylish and not the plain.


I also love that there is a Logo Shirt for every budget. I already went for the Levi's T-Shirt and a Calvin Klein Sweater, but I will keep an eye out for the Sale to hopefully make a bargain on a higher priced shirt.


Here are some of my favourites at the moment.

What's your favourite one?


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- My favourite summer trend -

Also, the summer has been a no show in Northern Germany for the last days I am still on the hunt for some warm weather pieces to add to my wardrobe.... call it wishful thinking. While doing so, one pattern kept recurring over and over again... the Tassel Trend.

From jewellery, handbags, heels to embroidery on shirts, dresses, etc. the Tassel Trend seems to be inevitable, and I don't mind.

I love the feminine, playful, bohemian vibe the Tassels give to every look.


Here are some of my favourite pieces I came across while hunting for some summer clothing.

Maxi Dress      Shorts      Earrings      Heels     Top

There are two ways I would wear the Tassel Trend


Firstly, the bold way - here I would go for a Tassel statement piece, like the maxi dress or the shorts pictured above, and keep the rest of the look Tassel-free to avoid a Tassel overkill.


Secondly, the subtle way - for this look I would add Tassel accessories like earrings, heels or a Tassel bag to an otherwise rather plain look. I especially like Tassel accessories in combination with an all over denim look.


Do you like the Tassel Trend as much as I do?


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Fashion Trends - Spring/Summer 2017

With the winter season slowly but surely passing, I thought it is time to give you an overview of the biggest Fashion Trends for the Spring/Summer 2017. Here are they the most wearable Trends for this upcoming season.

Shades Of Pink



Colour-wise, Pink is one of the major players for spring/summer 2017. It comes in all shades from a pastel pink to a fuchsia pink. 


A Streaky State Of Mind



Stripes are another bold Trend for the upcoming season. You wear them from head to toe and from fine to bold.

All Eyes On The Sleeves



This season it is all about the Sleeves - the bigger the better. They come with ruffles, slashed or embroidered. As balloon, puff or bell Sleeves

Ruched And Ruffled




Ruffles are not limited to sleeves only.

For spring/summer, you find them on every garment possible.

Floral Vibes



Flowers are here to stay. Like in previous season Floral Designs are again a big Trend for the upcoming season.

This time the Floral Patterns are inspired by retro flower wallpapers. 

Back to the '80s



The '80s fashion once again sneaked back into the fashion spotlight.

From strong, exaggerated shoulders to the exposed Flashdance shoulder, the '80s are here to stay.





Another colour to add to your wardrobe this season is Khaki. The neutral colour also works great in combination with other trends.


Opinion Leader



This season you can share your views without saying a word by wearing an on Trend Slogan Tee. From silly to political there is a Slogan Tee for everyone. You can wear them casual with jeans or dressed up with a tulle skirt.


All Images:


Some other Trends are White, Bra Tops, Sheer Fabrics, and Corsets.


So what's your favourite Trend for this season? If I could just wear one Trend, I would go for the Statement Sleeves. Luckily, I don't have to settle for just one Trend. That's why I will definitely add some of the other Trends to my wardrobe.


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- Pantone's Colour of the Year 2017 -

Like every year, Pantone selected a 'colour of the year' for 2017. There are two major differences compared to last year's choice. First, they relied on their usual 'one colour' per year selection. Secondly, in contrast to last years soft pastel hues Serenity and Rose Quartz, a rather bold colour made the race.

This colour is Greenery.

According to Pantone's Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, 'Greenery symbolizes new beginnings and the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and on a larger purpose.'

To be honest, I still have to get used to this colour. Last year's choice was much more appealing to me at first sight than this yellow-green shade. 


To get into the groove of Greenery my immediate impulse was, to put together a few looks for you, incorporating Greenery. Unfortunately, so shortly after the announcement, the number of garments rocking this hue are limited. Therefore, I couldn't create the looks I imagined. For now, I just gathered the items I could find in this yellow-green hue.

Striped Sweater      Leather Clutch      Dress      Nail Polish      Sweater      Bikini Top      Bikini Briefs 

It is just a matter of time before fashion, beauty, and the other creative industries pick up this hue for their collections. Then, of course, I can come back to my original plan and create looks incorporating Greenery.


Do you like Pantone's choice?


See you soon.


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Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17 - Denim

Welcome back to this year's last round of Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17. Conveniently, this series comes to an end just in time for mid-season sale and Black Friday, so you can shop the latest trends on sale.


Today it's all about Denim. I left out the Floral Embroidered Jeans Trend, just because I already did a whole post on Floral Prints. The other big Denim Trends are Flared Jeans, Colour-blocked and Two-Toned Jeans, Wide Leg Jeans as well as Frayed Hem Jeans. So let's dive right in.

Cold Days In Style

With the two-toned jeans and this fake fur jacket, you will rock those cold days ahead in style. I kept the rest of the look in neutral colours to avoid a style overkill. 

Tip: You can wear these jeans for work by combining it with a button-down shirt and some heels.

Marlene Vibes

These wide leg jeans, in the style of Marlene Dietrich, are a great example that jeans can look very fashion forward. To balance out the volume on the bottom, always wear something form-fitting on top. Additionally, I would always wear pointed heels with wide-leg pants, they elongate your legs and make your feet visibly.

Back to Black

Usually, jeans with such a frayed hem are not the first option if you have a corporate job. But where there is a will, there is a way. To elevate the jeans, I combined it with a silk blouse, a fake fur vest and kept the look all black. I stand by the rule, through mixing and matching different textiles and fabrics, you can make everything work. Okay, almost everything.

Tip: If you go for a monochrome look, play with different textures to keep the look vibrant. 


That's a wrap for now. As always, feel free to contact me for questions, suggestions or anything else. Until then...


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Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17- Floral Prints

The Floral Print Trend is one of my favourite trends this season. I love it due to its versatility. Depending on what you combine with it, the outcome of your style is always different. Here's what I came up with.


Note: For some unknown reason, the TOPSHOP links don't work on the mobile phone but on the laptop. Meanwhile, here are the product codes ( Bomber Jacket: 17K09KMUL / Sweater: 13Q04KBLS ). When you copy and paste them, into the search bar, they show up immediately. I am so sorry for this inconvenience I am working on a solution.

This look is great for getting on board with the Floral Print Trend. Although the bomber jacket has an all over print, the dusty pink flowers make the print softer and slightly understated. I continued the dusty rose colour scheme to achieve a cohesive style. The same applies to the subtle flower embroidery of the sweater and the platform sandals.

The frayed hem of the blue jeans is another big thing for this season. I will go into the latest jeans trends in detail on Friday.

Out and About

For all of you who want to step it up a notch, try a maxi dress with an all over floral print. I chose a bichrome instead of a multicoloured print to keep the look work life appropriate. Based on that choice, this outfit is great for those days packed with appointments, where you have no time to change because it works for business meetings as well as for private commitments. I combined it with a leather jacket and some heeled biker boots to give it an edgier touch. You could also wear a wool coat with this dress if you want to go more sophisticated.

Tip: If you don't want to invest in a long sleeve floral print maxi dress, just wear the one from this summer. Put a turtleneck underneath and just like this, you incorporated another trend to your outfit because layering long sleeve tops under summer dresses is another trend this season. 

Date Night

The floral print of this blouse is another notch up compared to the first two looks. But what better place to make an entrance as on a date night. Because of the suede shorts, I kept it covered on top by adding a velvet men's blazer. Furthermore, the rest of the outfit stays black, to leave the main focus on the blouse. 

Tip: You can exchange the velvet shorts for a black skirt in the case that you don't feel comfortable with wearing so little fabric.


That's it, for now, I hope you come back for my last Fashion Trend post this Friday. Until then...


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Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17 - Metallic Hues

Some of you probably think metallic fabrics are limited to evening wear only. Today I will show you that the Metallic Trend isn't just for party wear, but is also a stylish addition to your everyday wardrobe. The key to mastering the Metallic Trend lies in the fabric choice, the finer the better. When it comes to colour, warmer metallic hues are more refined than cooler shades. Keeping that in mind, you will look sophisticated instead of disco-ready while wearing metallic fabrics. Here are my takes on the Metallic Trend.

Casual Vibes

The eye catcher of this look is the gold tone sweater. By combining it with blue jeans, the outfit gets a casual vibe. Subtly carrying on with the gold theme throughout the look, tones down the impact of the sweater even more. I would wear this for a shopping trip or a laid-back date.

Versatile Vibes

For this look, I put together three metallic hued clothing pieces. Even by wearing more than one metallic item you don't have to look like a disco ball. 

The black midi skirt, as well as the jacquard biker jacket, almost appear to be leather instead of a metallic fabric. Furthermore, the metallic sweater is so subtle, that the three garments together, create an on trend look, wearable for almost every occasion this fall/winter season. I love this ensemble for the Christmas holidays.

Monochrome Vibes 

At the risk of repeating myself, a monochrome outfit is the easiest way to achieve a sophisticated yet modern look. Therefore, I combined wide leg silk pants and a wool-silk turtleneck with the coat to achieve a really luxurious still work life appropriate look.


Tip: This metallic wool-blend coat is one of those clothing items that will never fail you. It works great for chic styles but also with blue jeans to add that extra something to your look.


Still, convinced that the Metallic Trend is for nighttime only? Until next time...


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Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17 - Chokers

With every fashion season, comes at least one major accessory trend. This time, Chokers are the must- have accessory. I love the return of this 90s trend. They are an easy way to amp up every outfit, in no time and guess what, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get your hands on some beautiful pieces. Here are some of my favourites...

Fabric Chokers

By choosing a fabric choker, you can easily incorporate another trend into your look. Simply opt for one made of a trending textile, like velvet or suede. Combining a choker to your everyday wear will instantly glam up your look.

Metallic Chokers

These chokers are a notch up to the first six ones. I would totally wear them throughout the day, but they are for sure an easy and affordable way to trend up your LBD game.


Tip: If you don't want to invest in a choker, this is a great trend for a DIY project. I am sure you have some old hair or leather bands lying around. With just a few fixes you can easily transform them into your own custom-made choker


Will you buy one or do it yourself? Or will you pass on this trend? As always I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Until then....


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Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17 - Statement Fur

I love warm weather, but there is the one thing that makes colder temperatures so much more bearable - (fake) Fur

For this season the motto is the bolder the (fake) Fur the better.

I know it can be intimidating, but I put together a few looks to give you some ideas on how to rock a (fake) Fur this Fall /Winter.

70s Vibes 

For the first look, I chose a hip length black shearling jacket. This is a great piece to get started with the (fake) Fur trend. It is a standout piece, but yet in a colour, that doesn't scream "look at me" right away.

I combined it with a maxi dress, some suede boots, and a fedora hat to create a modern bohemian vibe.

Wild Thing

I love this leopard faux fur coat so much I think I am going to buy it myself. Anyways, because I wanted the coat to be the main focus of this look, I went all black for the rest of the look. To maintain the edgier vibe of the coat, I combined a leather-look like jeans and boots with buckles.


 Wrap Dress       Shearling Coat       Earrings       Suede Sandals       Clutch

With this outfit, I wanted to show you that a bold Fur can look very elegant and sophisticated. To further enhance that vibe, I combined a dress in the same colour range and added golden accessories to the ensemble.

Tip: Monochrome looks are always an easy way to achieve a sophisticated and elegant look.


I hope I could give you some outfit inspiration, until then...


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Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17 - Suede

Unlike with the Plaid Trend, the Suede Trend got me right away. Suede is one of those fabrics that immediately elevates every outfit and transforms it into an eye-catching look.


Suede also works great in combination with other fabrics like silk or cashmere. By mixing different textiles, you can create a unique, and at the same time, sophisticated outfit. To give you an idea on how to rock the Suede Trend this season I put together a few looks for you.

Casual Vibes

Here I chose suede khaki track pants to create a casual but still on-trend everyday look. Due to the semi-sheer animal printed blouse with the black lace bra peeking through from underneath, this look becomes slightly bolder yet still daytime appropriate. 

Tip: This also a great style for a date night. The soft fabrics with the subdued skin exposure make you feel comfortable and feminine at the same time.

Workplace Vibes

Blue Jeans       Suede Blazer       Silk Blouse       Velvet Heels       Suede Tote

For this look, I switched up the basic black blazer for a suede version of it.  In conjunction with the taupe silk blouse, the outfit looks polished enough to make blue jeans appropriate for a business meeting.

Tip: A blazer like this is a great investment piece to amp up your black blazer game for years to come.

Festive Vibes

Clutch       Faux Suede Dress       Earrings       Metallic Suede Sandals       Bracelet       Zirkonia Bracelet

This dress is a real statement piece for the party season to come. Since it is such a showstopper, I decided to go easy on the rest of the look by combining just subtle silver pieces and picking up the Suede Trend in the metallic coloured sandals.

The asymmetrical hemline of the dress is another micro trend of this season, together with the side slit, it makes the dress even more enthralling.


After reading this post, are you as hooked on the Suede Trend as I am? Which look was your favourite? I'd love to hear your feedback. Until then....


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Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17 - Plaid 

Welcome back to a fashion - packed month of October. Today's focus is on the Plaid Trend.

In the beginning, I wasn't so keen on this trend. Sure, I love a plaid shirt and some jeans, but other than that, my enthusiasm for tartan prints was pretty limited, to say the least. Working on this post, changed my view completely. That said, here are my 3 looks on how I would wear this Plaid Trend.

Beginner Look

Dress       Duster Coat       White Shirt       Heels       Clutch

If you are as sceptical as I was about the Plaid Trend, try, to warm up to it by choosing just a soft plaid pattern like me with this dress.
For daytime, I would wear a white shirt under it, which I'd skip for evening events. I picked up the maroon colour of the pattern for the other items to maintain the subtle vibe of the look. By the way, wearing long sleeved tops under dresses is a major trend this season.

Tip: Don't shy away from wearing big bold prints or patterns because you think it adds some extra pounds to your appearance. The opposite is true, big uniform prints/pattern actually disguise some extra pounds for the reason that your eyes can't catch any "mountain or valleys" as in "fat pads".

Advanced Stage

For this look, I opt for a bolder piece of plaid. The long sleeveless vest is a trend on its own, and with the check pattern, it is a double must-have piece for this season.

As the vest is such a stand-out piece, I held back for the rest of the outfit and chose all black pieces. Although with the suede skinny pants I subtly blended in another trend for fall/winter. To amp up this outfit just another tiny bit I went for these statement earrings. I would wear this combo for daytime as well as for a movie night or a casual dinner.

Professional League

Leather Jacket       Mini Dress       Gloves       Heeled Boots       Clutch

With this patchwork checked wool-blended mini dress, in the 70ties punk vibe of Vivienne Westwood, I pump up the volume for the Plaid Trend even more.
To further enhance the edgier vibe of this dress, I combined it with a leather jacket and some lace-up boots. Again, I would wear this outfit throughout the day, like the second look.

These are my takes on the Plaid Trend. I hope, I could give you some inspiration for your wardrobe. Until next time....


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- Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17 - Velvet -

After last week's overview of what is trending this fall/winter season, let's dive into one trend at a time. Today I will show you how to incorporate the Velvet Trend into your wardrobe.


What I love about the Velvet Trend is its ability to instantly glam up any look, the feminine vibe it gives to each outfit, and how great it works in combination with other fabrics.

Everyday Glam

With this look, I want to show you one way to blend the Velvet Trend into your everyday wear. The centrepiece of this look is, of course, the midnight blue velvet body. I combined the blue jeans to glam down the velvet body and added the ruby-coloured suede bomber jacket to make this look fall appropriate. I incorporated some boots with animal print heels and repeated this pattern in the shoulder bag. By blending different fabrics and prints into this look, I managed to sneak in some other fall trends- suede, bomber jackets, animal prints and flared jeans.

Evening Glam

This second look is my take on an evening look. I chose a black velvet slip dress with lace and combined it with a silky coat, some strappy sandals and a velvet choker. For evening looks it is no problem to amp up the look by adding another velvet piece into your outfit. The silky coat completes the glamorous look. Again, besides the velvet dress, I merged in some further trends - duster coats and chokers.

Monochromatic Vibes

In the last look, I picked up the monochromatic trend which is still going strong. To avoid dreariness I played with different fabrics again. The over-the-knee boots and the leather jacket bring some edginess to the look. This way this outfit is appropriate for both day and evening wear. Besides, the over-the-knee boots are another major trend this season.


What do you think? Could I help you with my outfit ideas? Until then...


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- Fall/Winter Trends 2016/17 -

With autumn already knocking on the door, it means we are entering in a new fashion season - Fall/Winter 2016/17. I thought I give you an overview of the biggest trends for the upcoming season. So let's jump right in.




1. The Velvet Touch
This will be the one fabric you can't escape this season. Velvet was all over the runways. Not only in clothing but also in shoes and accessories.


2. Tartan Vibes
Tartan has been around for a few centuries and yet it always seems to find his way back to the top of the fashion world. This season is no exception. Like velvet, it comes in different variations.




3. Fall Flowers
When it comes to flower prints in fashion, fall/winter is probably not the season which pops into your mind. This year you can transition your flower print pieces into the colder month. I particularly love the long maxi dresses with the all over print.



4. Layering Game
This trend allows you to wear your favourite sleeveless/slip dresses during the colder months by combining them with a turtleneck or sweater. Wearing a long sleeved top under your dress is a major trend this season.




5. Statement Fur
Whether you wear it as a coat, as a longline vest or as a collar, fur should have its moment in your wardrobe. Fur vests are great layering pieces on colder days. Additionally, they work great with other trends, for example, the Fall Flowers trend.

P.S.: I only wear fake fur but to each his own.


6. The New Denim
Denim is here to stay. This season it comes embroidered, with patches, in two-tones or even in patchwork styles.





7. Shades of Metallic
Clothing in metallic shades does not only amp up your holiday outfits. Combined with jeans or other basics they are also daytime appropriate.



8. Chokers
In the accessory department chokers are the big thing in the upcoming season. The bolder the better.


Of course, there are some more trends for this fall/winter season. I will include them into my upcoming fashion posts. Over the next weeks, I will post some outfit ideas on how to incorporate the trends into your wardrobe. So keep an eye out for these posts. Until then....


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- Spring Fashion Trends 2016 Part III - Stripes -

Hello everyone, today I complete my Fashion Spring Alert with Stripes. Stripes have been around in fashion for quite some time. Back in 1858, the french navy implemented a blue - white striped shirt (Breton shirt) as a uniform for all seamen in Brittany. After a vacation in Brittany, Coco Chanel incorporated the stripe design into her nautical collection from 1917. Since then the Breton shirt was worn by many celebrities. In the 1990s, Jean Paul Gaultier took on the Breton style and made it his trademark. Most recently in 2011, Miuccia Prada showed the fashion world that stripes can be stylish in other ways than just nautical style.


Below I put together a selection of different stripe - styles. I really love that this trend is not limited to garments only, but rather expands to accessories and shoes. Therefore, it is a really versatile trend, which you can integrate into your wardrobe in many different ways.

I hope my style board gave you a little inspiration of how to rock the stripe trend. Which of the three trends is your favourite? Please comment below.


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Trend Alert

- Spring Fashion Trends 2016 Part II - Lingerie Style -

Welcome back to round two of Spring Fashion Alert. Another big trend for spring/summer 2016 is the Lingerie style. Yes, this spring your underclothing will see the light of day. And no, if you do it the right way, you won`t look sloppy or worse.
The key to making this trend work lies in the lingerie piece. It needs to be a high-quality fabric. Think silk or silk blends. After that, combining does the rest. Depending on what other pieces you combine, you can make this trend work for every occasion. In the following I show you some style ideas.

By combining a lingerie top with jeans and blazer, you achieve a polished yet stylish look. The added garments tone down the seductiveness of the top. That's why you can easily wear this combination to work.

With this second style board, I want to show you how combining can change the vibe of a garment. A jeans jacket and some flats turn this slinky dress into a casual look. While putting it together with heels and a leather jacket, you can acquire a more dressed up image.

I hope I could give you some help and inspiration how to incorporate the Lingerie trend into your wardrobe. Is there any specific trend you want to see next? Please comment below.


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Trend Alert

Spring Fashion Trends 2016 Part I - Cold Shoulders

With spring already knocking on the door, I thought I break down the major fashion trends of spring /summer 2016. And give you some tips how to amp up your spring wardrobe. So keep on checking Shades of K regularly over the next weeks to catch up with the latest fashion trends for spring /summer 2016.


The first big trend is the one I probably love the most - The Cold Shoulders. It combines seduction and modesty at the same time. Of course, you show some skin but not in an overly fleshy way. I believe it is a very wearable trend for any time of the day and almost every occasion.

Below you can see some of my favourite pieces.

At the risk of repeating myself, by changing the fabric and in this case the amount of shoulder exposure you can achieve a more elegant look, a sporty vibe, or a casual appearance. This applies both for tops and one piece items.             

Do you like this trend? Are you planning to incorporate it into your spring wardrobe?


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Trend Alert

- Pantone's Colour of the Year 2016 Part II -

Welcome back to part II of my Pantone`s Color of the Year post. As mentioned on Friday, this year the "Color Of the Year" is a blending of two colours Rose Quartz Pantone 13-1520 and Serenity Pantone 15-3919. The cooler blue-toned Serenity hue should embody an airy, light, and careless feeling. In terms of fashion, one might think Serenity is reserved for a more casual, sporty fashion. But as already described with Rose Quartz, the fabric, and cut create the vibe of the garment. Below I picked out some Serenity inspired outfits in different styles.

1. Dress  Mary Katrantzou  2. Low Rise Jeans  Current& Elliot   3. Maxi skirt   Erdem   4. Mini Dress   Alexander McQueen  

5.Striped cotton poplin shirt   Versace   6. Lace playsuit  Lover   7. Cropped sweater Topshop   8. Bomber Jacket stylemoi  

As you can see by my picks, you can create a very sophisticated look (1), a sexier vibe (4), or more relaxed yet still stylish outfit (7).


Which one do you like the most?


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Trend Alert

- Pantone's Colour of the year 2016 Part I -

Every year the Pantone Color Institute chooses the "Color of the Year". This year, for the first time ever, Pantone has chosen the blending of two colours, Rose Quartz Pantone 13-1520, and Serenity Pantone 15-3919, as "The Color of the Year". In today's Shades of Fashion I want to give you some ideas how you can incorporate Rose Quartz-like hues into your wardrobe. At first sight, Rose Quartz seems to be the stereotype Barbie girl colour, but I will show you that there is so much more to this colour.


The Subtle Approach
If Rose Quartz is not really your cup of tea, but you still want to give it a try, I would choose patterned garments which include Rose Quartz in their colour scheme. This way you get used to the colour without being completely overwhelmed by it.

       1. Dress: Topshop  2. Top: Net-A-Porter  3. Bomber Jacket: Mango  4. Trousers: RIVER ISLAND  5. Sweater: THE OUTNET  6. Playsuit: Net-A-Porter 

           7. Dress: Topshop

The Bold Approach
For all the Rose Quartz lovers, like me, I put together some pieces to go "all in" with the "Color of the Year". Depending on the fabric and cut, Rose Quartz coloured fabrics can create a very feminine, soft, romantic look as well as an edgier, more modern, sexier style.

1. Jeans: THE OUTNET  2. Bodycon Dress: RIVER ISLAND  3. Blouse: Mango  4. Maxi Dress: Net-A-Porter  5. Skirt: THE OUTNET  6. Crop Top: RIVER ISLAND 

7. Biker Jacket: THE OUTNET

Do you like Rose Quartz or do you prefer Serenity?


P.S.: Look out for Part II of this series, where I will focus on style inspirations incorporating Serenity.