Shades of Fashion

My LATEST Closet Addition

#NudeBoots #WesternStyle

Hey my dears, after hours, weeks even month of searching I finally found my perfect pair of boots.

I wanted to have a pair of boots, in a colour that works with almost every piece of clothing I own, be wearable all year round excluding extreme weather conditions in the highs and lows, of course, and be contemporary but not overly trendy, so that I can wear them for some time. 


Here is my prey...nude pointy ankle boot with a slight western boots touch at the tip which is just enough to be fashionable however not too modish so that I can wear the boots for longer than just one season. 


So for me, these boots fulfil all my checking do you feel about them?

Oh, and if I got you hooked on the western style boots, here are some other models I like.


Shades of Fashion

Latest Closet Addition

- Nude Sandals -

The search is over. After 2 years of searching, ordering, trying on, and returning countless pairs of Nude Sandals, I finally found my perfect pair of Nude Sandals.

The ALDO POLESIA - High Heel Sandals in light pink. These sandals have everything that I had been searching for which is a strappy design, a nude pink colour, and a heel height that is high but comfortable at the same time.


For me, a nude pair of heels, as well as sandals, are a wardrobe must -have. If no shoe works with the outfit, a nude one will. 


There are several Nude Shades available I would try on different hues to see which one works best with your skin colour and undertone.

So, now that I can finally call a Nude Pair of Sandals mine again, you'll see them pop up in my Outfit Post on a regular base.


Shades of Fashion

Latest closet addition

- Introducing my latest shopping prey -

Do you remember my last post of Currently Coveting? The one about Mules and that I am desperately searching for a pair? 

Well, after spending an unrevealed amount of time searching on the Internet for some suitable Mules, I finally found some.

Here they are...

When it comes to putting runway trends into the store's no one does it better and faster than Zara. That's why I usually start my search for trending items there. Much to my regret, they didn't deliver as fast as I expected them regarding the Mules Trend. But praise the Lord they eventually did (#firstworldproblems).


Straight away after discovering them, in Zara's online shop, I knew I would end up purchasing them. It just was love at first sight, from the heel height to the design and colour. I immediately started creating looks around the Mules

I can picture them with almost everything, whether it is with a basic jeans and t-shirt or some fancier looks. Needless to say, you can expect the Mules to make few appearances in my some of my upcoming outfit posts. 


Do you like my latest closet addition?