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For the last few month, I have been trying out a new beauty tool... a Jade Roller. So, first things first: I am hooked on it. Here is why...


Like so many other beauty hacks, rolling the face with a Jade Roller isn't a new invention. In China, women use the Jade Roller since the 7th century.



The ancient Chinese not only believed that Jade has healing and protective properties. They also used it as Jade Rollers on their skin because they are...



The simple act of rolling the Jade Roller over the skin increases the circulation, therefore, helping the lymphatic system to carry away toxins and to depuff the face. Some people put their Jade Roller into the refrigerator before use, to increase the depuffing factor.


Brighten and Improve the Skin Tone

The increased blood flow leads to a quicker cell turnover as well as a higher oxygen level resulting in a brighter, clearer and more glowing skin.


Anti-Ageing Effect

This benefit comes in two ways. Firstly, the rolling motions of the face roller relax the facial muscles, thereby smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines hindering them from getting more prominent as well as to prevent the development of new ones.

Secondly, the massaging effect of the Jade Roller has a "workout effect" for you facial muscles preventing sagging of the skin and even better toning the facial muscles to make your face look tighter, firmer and more youthful.

Which Jade Roller is the right one

There are many Jade Rollers on the market in different price ranges. One thing is an absolute must a 100% natural Jade. Some rollers on the market only use glass and stain it in a jade-like colour. These will not give you the skin benefits a natural Jade does.


My Jade Roller is double-headed, with a smooth and spiky side. The spiky side increases the massaging effect. Others have two smooth sides in different sizes, for different areas of the face. It is totally up to you which variation you prefer.


How to use it

There a different recommendations how to use a Jade Roller. Some suggest washing your face, applying a serum or face cream, and massaging it in with the facial roller.


I prefer washing my face, then using the Jade Roller and applying my skincare products afterwards. This way I avoid any staining of the Jade from skincare products. I only use the Roller with upward motions to get an instant lifting effect.

      Smooth Double-Head                          Spiky Double-Head

My Experience

I really love what the Jade Roller does to my skin. Due to the cold stone, it instantly depuffs my face. Furthermore, the massaging motions lead to an immediate smoothing effect on the skin. Using it for several months, I also find that my skin looks tighter and more glowing. Another plus, I can use it at any time because the roller doesn't cause any irritations on the skin.

I would absolutely recommend a Jade Roller if you are looking for a natural way to improve your skin and prevent signs of ageing.


Do you use a Jade Roller?

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