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- How to avoid nicks in your heels -

You probably all have experienced a situation like this, you wear a new pair of heels, and then cobblestone pavements, floor grills or gully covers cross your way, and within seconds new heels are scuffed. Frustrating isn't it?

I don't know how many heels I ruined until someone told me about this heel-saving trick.

All you need is a clear nail polish and instead of painting your nails, cover your heels with at least one coat of it. I normally go for a second layer just to be safe. By doing so, you create a protective layer around your heels. 


So the next time you get stuck in an uneven pavement, only the nail polish coat gets nicked instead of your heelsThis heel-saving trick has prolonged the life of many of my heels, that why I needed to share it with all of you.


Did you already know the trick?

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